Holidays and Their
Hidden Meaning

I have spent the last few days alternating between being in the moment and thinking about what this holiday represents to us as individuals. First of all, Labor Day or Labour Day in other countries is a celebration for the workers. As all of us work, one way or another, it is a celebration of self, our commitment to self and our accomplishments. That is certainly cause for reflection.

A friend of mine observes this as her New Year. (I have spoken of her rituals and celebration in the past.) Today I mention this because, as much as this holiday ends summer for some, it also signifies a new beginning: schools and colleges open their doors, a change in clothing gradually happens with weather changes, we crave different foods, get hyped up for the next season of sports and, most of all, we shift how we approach our lives. It may be subtle, but it is there.

This brings us back to this 3-day holiday and its meaning. In looking at our labors and how we labor, many questions come to mind: “Do we enjoy our labor?” “What do we get from our efforts?” “Is there meaning and purpose to our contributions?” – I guess, it all boils down to, “Are we satisfied when we lay our heads on the pillow each night?”

That leads to the foundational question: “What is satisfaction?” The forth definition, according to my computer dictionary, is: fulfillment. That sounds good to me – to be full or filled up by my day. Do the labors of my day fill me up? I might add, “Do they also give me joy?” Or, perhaps, joy is intrinsic in satisfaction.

Speaking of joy, this weekend is generally about playing; neighborhood softball, backyard barbeques, going to the beach, hiking your favorite trail and, one more dip in the pool. In other words, one last play time before you go back to work and school and get serious. It doesn’t feel so much like a celebration of our labors or even summer; it feels more like an unconscious attempt to recapture something within ourselves that we don’t want to lose.

My celebration has been one of absolute quiet. I did a few fun errands like grocery shopping, not the dash and grab but the ‘look at the unique things on the shelves and think about what I could to with those ingredients’ shopping. I drove to an out of the way dock and watched the boaters and fisher persons. No one looked at me while I watched. (We seemed to have an unspoken agreement.) And somewhere in all of that quiet, I began to feel what I never want to lose – ME. In the being in the moment and thinking; my soul, mind, emotions and body began to reintegrate. It has taken this three-day holiday to find my internal balance and experience that wonderful, deep and truly satisfying feeling.

I am not unique. My approach may be different than that of the typical Labor Day celebrators, but the need is the same. We all get lost from time to time. We feel disconnected to our sense of self and ourselves in relationship to people, places and things we love. I hope we love ourselves enough to take occasion to find our parts and put ourselves back together. It would be lovely if we could stay in balance, if we didn’t need a holiday to find ourselves, but we do. That is the grace of holidays.

May your year be filled with short and long holidays that bring you balance and provide the opportunity to celebrate your labors and your life.

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