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Recently I woke up wonderfully happy, not just content, but purely peaceful. There have been times in my life when I experienced this before – for moments and even a few consecutive minutes. This time, it was many hours of being in balance with myself, Earth and the Universe. I had energy without effort or thought. Negativity bounced off my aura. I moved through my day knowing that everything was in perfect alignment. This experience is what I was taught to strive for, but never to expect. Pretty good - considering life I have chosen and all that I seem to want to learn and heal in this incarnation.

The next day I returned to my normal happiness with the background tension from my sense of responsibility with the pressure of limited Earthly time. That one day has changed my life. That experience of pure peace and happiness has altered the way I respond to stress. I breathe more deeply, am going to the beach more, work a bit less and really allow myself to feel the joy of being. I don’t know that I will ever have a full day of “bliss” again nor is it important. I know that, in addition to the experience, my set point for health and well-being have changed. I see the world differently.

One of the ways we grow is to have an experience and then go back and do the work to clear the karma or lessons so we can incorporate the feeling or thing or awareness as a part of our daily lives. Let’s say that, when you are ten you won the spelling bee or helped a needy family. You then had a knowing of what success felt like. From then on, you consciously or unconsciously make every effort to experience that feeling again. You will strive to do something good and important. This is one of the ways we learn and set goals.

In some lives, the negative experiences outweigh the uplifting experiences. Then, we unconsciously recreate those feelings because we don’t have the positive experiences as a baseline. When we are ready, we begin to seek a different foundational experience on which to establish our success, emotional well-being, self-image and happiness. Once we make that switch, we then continue to look for better and better experiences. We engage in deeper Spiritual growth.

The other awareness that came from that day is wondering how other people experience “that feeling,” what they call it and when it occurs for them. So, I started asking. The first person that had an answer was my trainer. She is substantially younger than I am and is at the opposite end of the scale from me. She is physical for as many hours of the day as I work with energy. We both love our jobs. We discussed this as she was putting me through my paces at the gym, a little more vigorously than her normal no-nonsense pace.

For her, that moment of well-being comes at the end of completing a marathon. She doesn’t compete with other people, she runs for herself. Even though the world looks at that as an endorphin rush, she describes the feeling as being at one with herself and the world. It only lasts for a short while. And yet, she takes that feeling and knowing with her into her days of helping others and the rest of her life. It pushes her to be a better person and gives her an understanding of herself that nothing else does.

Finding that “thing” is critical to our sense of self. Having a baseline understanding and experience of goodness and happiness profoundly changes how we handle everything in our lives. Recently, a client asked me how people who have a good relationship with God can have bad things happen to them. I am not here to discuss religion. What was brought into consciousness, in her question, is that when we build on the healing experiences of our lives, we are not victims of our lives. A personal relationship with the Divine gives us strength to face our lives with greater fortitude and calm. And, when we can relate to a solid positive and/or peaceful experience, we understand that the challenges in life are simply lessons to be learned and old wounds to be healed. In other words, we move towards experiencing joy and grow in the process.

Karma, lessons, happiness and bliss are simply steps on the never ending path of personal growth. We experience these at different times with various areas of development and, in fact, experience all of them simultaneously at any given moment. What I have just come to understand is that in my day of peace and joy, all my growth aligned perfectly. All the lessons were completed at the same time – this time around.

May we all have moments, minutes, hours and days of perfect alignment with our Hearts, the Earth and the Universe. May we recognize and savor them so those moments set a deeper understanding of our selves and a more peaceful place from which to grow.

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