Endings and Beginnings

I love this time of year for so many reasons. I love the change in weather and the color that comes with it. I love fires in the fireplace and the fact that I can wear jeans and hoodies. And, I love that fact that we have so many chances to complete our year and begin again. We start with Rosh Hashanah in September and end with Chinese New Year in February. My particular New Year is Samhain and it was officially celebrated this year on November 71. All this feels like a loving yet fervent push to clean up and let go of the old and then, open our arms and hearts to our dreams yet to be manifested.

This year was particularly potent because of the election and all the energetic occurrences that I have spoken of 2. I sought time to reflect and contemplate where I want to go and how I want to get there. This is not a matter of wanting to control my life, but rather, a matter of understanding my choices and whether making the same choices bring me the joy and life style I want to be living. I believe this is important whether one is twenty or fifty-eight or ninety. We are the creators of our lives. Moving forward with excitement and anticipation is preferential to getting slammed from event to event like a pinball.

I spent most of my life living the second scenario and feeling like I had no choice. Choice was for those more fortunate. My fortune when I figured out I was mistaken. Choice happens in every moment of life. I was choosing to live helter skelter and thinking that was being open to opportunity and adventure. I have had and continue to have wonderful adventure. The problem was that I felt I had to take the bad with the good. That has ended. I am beginning to enjoy choice built on feeling good, adventures from simple to unusual, supporting my body being the healthiest that it can and laughing everyday while continuing to offer the very best service I can. The difference is that this life belongs to me now, every moment of every day.

Oh, I still have challenges, from health to business to broken toilets. Now I look at them as learning opportunities. I look at what choices got me there, what my responsibilities are, what I want and need to ask for without being attached to the outcome, and then make course corrections for my life. It has taken a lot of focus and attention. Now, this process almost happens without conscious thought. Case in point:

A couple of weeks ago, I crashed really hard. I couldn’t think, couldn’t work and could barely take a breath without crying. I moved my clients, grabbed my water bottle and headed for the beach with a pocket full of tissues and lip balm. I found a washed up palm tree log, sat myself down and began to look at what was going on while I cried and blew my nose. By the time I had cried myself dry, I understood what I had done to bring on this crash, what I still needed to figure out and was starting to get my sense of humor back. I was still very vulnerable. It would take more than a week for me to feel solid. No matter, I knew I needed to reach out for a bit more info to put all the pieces into place.

Today, I am me. I am stronger and clearer. My intuitive abilities have expanded. I’m still working on my Spiritual and emotional growth. And, a big chunk of my buried fear is gone, replaced with a greater sense of self and freedom. All that happened without planning. I moved forward using the tools I have and allowing Spirit to guide me. Many of you have assumed that I no longer have those days. I am just as human as everyone else. Our lessons or karmas keep us on this planet and moving forward. Learning is what life is about. We may not always do it gracefully or with consciousness. It still happens. When we stop learning, we are done for this lifetime.

All the energies are aligned to help us face our fears at the deepest level possible and complete our relationship with the patterns that no longer serve us. Everything is also aligned for us to open a door to a better life. We have the opportunity to embrace our potentials, manifest our dreams and become who we are in our hearts.

I encourage you to welcome this season of endings and beginnings and use this energy of love and change. It is here to help you and it is free. Take advantage of this perfect opportunity. Be your fortune.

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1 You can read more about Samhain in the October 28, 2010 ezine
2 We will remain in this astronomical flux well into Spring of 2013.


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