‘Tis the season…

… to think about everything that is important. I have needed extra time to just be still, to let my brain rest and to allow all that swirling debris to dissipate. I realized that is why I love football. It gives me an excuse to not participate with the world for a short while. Why am I telling you this? Because many of you have shared with me how tired you are and what an overwhelming year it has been. I agree with you. It has been intense. Which leads us right back into this holiday season.

There are always beautiful things to celebrate and wonderful gatherings of friends. The question is, how many of us are actually present while we are sipping eggnog and smiling? Most of us are too distracted. We want to be there and can’t wait to get home. This year is particularly challenging that way. We want and we don’t want. I have heard this too many times to count. In mulling over all this opportunity for growth and considering my own need for quiet, I began to think of what would be the very best present to give and to receive.

This is actually a very challenging question. The answer requires you to go beneath the ”shoulds,” the ”want tos,” the ”wish I coulds,” to that mysterious place in your heart where absolute truth resides. There is a great fear in our society about acknowledging what we really want. We think it more Spiritual to want world peace and food for everyone. These are critical things and good things to give energy to. Right now though, we are talking about you and only you.

I do recognize that this is the ”season for giving.” And, that it may be doubly hard for some of us to think about ourselves. It seems too selfish and stingy. We are geared for altruism even to the exclusion of our own well being. Even when I ask people what they want, they will say that they want someone else to be healthy or happy or financially OK or successful. That is not the question. The question is, ”What do you want for you?”

Now that we have established the one and only rule need for this experiment, some of you are asking ‘Why?’ Because, when we know what we truly want in our heart of hearts, how we walk in the world changes. We get stronger, happier, bolder and more action oriented. There is an elegant power that comes from knowing the truth of our hearts. When we own that truth for our selves, it also changes everything around us. We see life, responsibilities and people differently. We are calmer and yet have more enthusiasm. We are wiser and more grounded.

And, this new relationship with our deepest desire affects every aspect of our lives from our relationships to our checkbooks. Even before we are ready to take action on achieving this ‘thing’ our lives begin to transform. The path magically forms before us and we start moving forward. Karma starts being cleaned up. Those stacks of projects begin to disappear, not because you forgot about them but because you have the energy to address them.

At this point, I usually give you an example from my own life. Not today. This is as personal for me as it is for most people. I am owning this one and keeping it private as I start on this journey of manifesting. I can tell you that I am already amazed by the places standing in my truth is taking me. I am blown away by the decisions I am making and the fun I am beginning to have. My sense of adventure is coming back. I like it.

Remember, it all started by getting very quiet, resting, listening as the chaos bubbled up to be blessed and released, and then acknowledging the truth that has always been there, tucked away in a sacred, hidden place. Where it ends, only time will tell.

I wish you the greatest blessing in this season of giving. I wish you to know your truth and begin the journey of living the magic of giving your heart’s desire to you. Enjoy it with all that you are and watch it grow! I can guarantee you your tiredness will disappear.

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