New Year — New Classes!

I have spent more than enough days sitting on the sofa with the winter crud being bored, but too sick to do anything about it. In an attempt to distract myself, I channel surfed through late afternoon TV. And, voila! Dr. Phil was being interviewed by Katie Couric about his new book. I haven’t read it, but one of the tenets of his latest is (and I am paraphrasing) ‘know yourself.’ His belief, and one the Spiritual community has held for a long time, is that when one knows oneself and makes decisions based on this self-knowledge, life is simpler, more comfortable and easier to maneuver. I celebrate that he’s come around to our way of thinking.

The interview was more focused on why people cheat so he never got around to talking about how people come to know the truth of their hearts so they can live a more authentic and fulfilling life. Perhaps that will be in his next book. If you’d rather not wait for that information, I have a great idea!

WisdomDance offers a class to help you get to the truth of your heart so that you can, sooner rather than later, live a life with peace and certainty. The class is twelve weeks, taught by phone, comes with a workbook and starts February 6 (see below for details). Interestingly enough, it is called Awakening to Your Rich Life ~ Creating Your Life with Purpose. WD has been providing both the beginning level and the advanced level since 2002. After you come to understand your personal philosophy and purpose, the advanced class will give you the tools and guide you through integrating your new understanding and power into ever aspect of your life.

Back to Dr. Phil and Katie Couric. Their discussion continued on the topic that we become victims of our lives when we don’t know what we want, what we believe in and therefore where our boundaries are. I agree. Not knowing if you are making the right decision and/or not knowing what you should say “NO” to creates anxiety and all the things that go along with it including stress, fear, frustration, ________(fill in your own words in the blank!). We are only a few days into this New Year and already I am seeing the patterns of fear and uncertainty emerge. It is distressing to see so many people bound up by not knowing even their basic motivations, which could make life more pleasurable and successful.

I invite you to know yourself more deeply and to live more authentically and joyfully. Start by asking yourself, “What truly makes me happy today?” and then, do it. That alone will begin to open up a new adventure in happiness and self-awareness. And that’s only the beginning…

Love, blessings, joy and health to you in 2013!

I hope to see you in class!

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“Awakening to Your Rich Life is the best and most life changing study I have ever experienced. Several years after I took Level I, I still refer to it for wisdom and guidance. It was all about ME and really having the opportunity to explore who ME truly is!” ~ Roberta Binder, class of 2010-11


Winter Classes

Awakening to Your Rich Life ~ Creating Your Life with Purpose
  Now is the time to wake up to your own wisdom. By consciously knowing your values and the driving forces behind your decisions, you can change your future. You can create the life you truly want to live, and actually came here to live.

Take advantage of this powerful opportunity for change to create the life you want! When you live and operate from authenticity, life becomes easier, more fun and more dynamic. This new outlook and lifestyle changes everything. You can have better health, expanded joy and peace, be more successful in your professional and personal life and have an inspiring impact on your world. What makes this all the more wonderful is that this is a teleclass, meaning you are in your chosen environment, pajamas or at the office (behind closed doors, of course!) It is offered at a convenient time and you only are in class three weeks a month for four months.
  • Starts: Wednesday, February 6, 2013
  • Cost: $168 a month
  • Price: $45, $25 for recording only
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info
  Saturday Discussion & Meditation  

This is a 90-minute gathering with the first hour in Q&A format. We will look at the subjects you have concerns with or curiosity about. Additionally, we will be discussing Universal Law, shifts in consciousness and other non-personal topics. We will end each session with a healing mediation focused on our discussion.

Space is limited, so please sign up early. If you cannot attend these powerful and significant gatherings, you can purchase the recording for $25.

  • 4th Saturday 1/26/13
  • Topic: Releasing Matching Programs
    When we have an issue that we're working on, we focus on that specific problem. There are many "matching Pictures" in our energy that we can release to bring a broader sense of empowerment and comfort. You will be guided through healing your specific issue and all the related ones.

  • Times: 8a PT, 9a MT, 10a CT, 11a ET
  • Price: $45, $25 for recording only
  • Phone #: upon payment
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info

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