An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly understood; an inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.
G. K. Chesterton

Of late, it seems more of a challenge to stay centered, grounded and peaceful. I know I am not the only one to experience this because of your calls and my treks out into the world. The unique perspective on adventure and inconvenience offered by this quote helps me to remember to breathe, let go and reconsider my attitudes.

It is one of my favorite quotes. Whenever I stare at it on my refrigerator or computer screen, which is often, I smile. It always helps me release stress, to remember my truth, and realign with the Universe and the Earth – more quickly and with less struggle. I share it with you to help you remember your own truth in your challenging moments and days.

It may seem a bit convoluted or complicated. This is actually a good thing because it encourages us stop, breathe and land back in the body. Remember that when you’re stessed complex things take a longer time to register and make sense. If this sentence makes sense, you’re good. If not, more breathing. We will always have challenges (remember that is what brings on growth.) We all get our heads and hearts twisted from time to time. This quote infers many things including the Law of Attraction – like attracts like. In those moments of frustraction, we are attracting more frustration. Wouldn’t you rather have your life filled with adventures than with inconveniences ? Wouldn’t it be better at the end of your day to reflect on the learning and accomplishments rather than the things that went wrong? That is what this quote reminds us to do. This is called reframing . Reframing allows us to shift our attitudes and experiences and, therefore, our health and relationships.

Another unspoken aspect of this quote is our relationship to and participation in the planetary and universal growth cycles. In this larger experience there are powerful counter or “negative” forces that want us to stay stuck and in suffering. Focusing on the negative is one form of suffering. Given this inherant cause and effect, it is imperative to remember that what we choose to embrace now is setting in motion what we will experience over the next many years.

You can choose what and how you manifest in your life.

I invite you to choose to play a new game – a game of joy and creativity. It may be challenging. You may be tired, overwhelmed or depressed. In those moments, you may be tempted to focus on the inconveniences, dissappointments or failures. Know that it is in your power, with the help of Spirit, to change these attitudes and/or feelings - one at a time. This is not about making change perfectly. It is about relizing what you’re feeling and/or thinking and choosing. You have the power of conscious choice.

Think of it this way. You can train your mind just like you train your body. One does not go to the gym once and have a perfect body (oh, darn!). It takes time, patience and practice. That is why meditation and learning a new skill are called practices.

Practice with me. Take on your days as adventures. Don’t allow events and others to take your well-being, your sense of satisfaction or your humor. Set a new standard for your life.

With practice you will experience fewer days of inconvenience and more and more days of joy and adventure.

Have an adventure today!

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Saturday Discussion & Mediation

  • Topic: The Winds of Change
  • When: March 8
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Change is one constant in our lives, but still, many times it is difficult for us. In this 90 minute workshop, we will look at the stressers with and resistance to change, find humor with ourselves and use a comprehensive meditation to release our patterns of fear and replace them with programs of empowerment and joy!

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