Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.
Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world
Hans Margolius

For days, I've been struggling with writing another short piece to send out. The timing wasn’t right. What I wrote is a good piece and you will see it sometime in the future. For now, I want to share with you something that is all around me and in me. Quiet.

How much quiet do you need? How much quiet do you want? This is a world of action. We are thinkers. We are doers. The idea of being still and enjoying the quiet can be refreshing, but we even put limits on that. It is true that giving us five minutes to unplug is healing and important. But is it enough?

How long before you have a conversation in the morning? Turn on the TV or radio? How long before you look at Face Book or your email? How long before the trauma and violence of the world hit your heart and mind?

On the other end of the day, when do you turn off the TV? When was the last time you sat outside and listened to the silence before you went to bed? How comfortable are you with yourself? Will you allow a volume of nothingness to envelope you?

Can you go all day without the TV or iTunes or Pandora or even a conversation with friends? That’s a ton of silence. Most of us can’t or don’t want to. Are you afraid of what you might find in that quiet?

Yes, there will be a lot of thoughts come up. There will be memories, both sweet and bitter. You can hear your heartbeat and the blood rush through your head. You will be profoundly aware of every ache and pain in your body. There will be a lot of questions and some answers. If you give yourself enough stillness and time, there might even come insights and epiphanies. After all of that has danced through you and out of you, there will be quiet – bigger quiet.

This is the quiet of Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body. In this quiet will be peace and healing. This is the kind of quiet that brings smiles and sometimes laughter. You might be wondering what could be so funny in silence. It is the laughter that comes from knowing and experiencing, without words or thought, that you are connected to everything and everything is connected to you. Meaning will be lost and found. Joy will be uncovered, dusted off and plugged back in. You will be present with you. There will kindness and a friendship of self. You can feel a deep respect and appreciation that brings tears to you eyes. You will know you as you have not known yourself in a long time. There will be love.

Have you taken this journey with quiet? It is worth the effort, the practice, the time and the patience.

Peace be with you and may quiet be your friend,

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