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I have tried to write this ezine many times over the last couple months. I’ve sat down again and again to express my gratitude for your love and support during this time of death and illness. I have wanted thank you for your inspiration to keep working and your understanding when I couldn’t. My words sounded flat, my phrasing trite. I realized that all my creative energy was going into healing myself. My physical body has needed a lot of stillness to regain its joie de vivre! My emotional body has wanted simple distraction to move through the grief of loss and all the change that comes with a loved one’s death. My mental body, diversion to balance the ripping apart of my beliefs, behaviors and values. And, of course, my soul has been busy seeking answers for every question the rest of me has put forth. There has been so much quiet -- and I still feel like I need more. At least my dreamtime has gone from turbulent and exhausting to peaceful and, in the last two nights, actually restful and healing. I am beginning to get brief glimpses of inspiration. My cats no longer feel the need to keep vigil over my every moment. Life is beginning to normalize.

Which brings me to this day and this ezine. I am so grateful and delighted to be here; to be deeply happy, content and excited to teach again. Three months is not a long time in an entire life. Living inside of three months of rebirth is a lifetime. Every second holds so much information that it takes a thousand times that just to understand and integrate those flashes of enlightenment. The journey of growth and awakening is one of the greatest gifts we receive though it often starts with tragedy. My biggest shifts in consciousness are always a result of a string of intense events. At first, I don’t realize what’s going on. Then it hits. The best I can do is breath and walk through the changes. I have learned that I will make it through and come out clearer and more peaceful on the other side.

And, thank age and experience, each of these major growth cycles does get easier. That’s due to greater trust, patience and more letting go. Pushing and even mental judgment, can and usually does, make the process slower and more agonizing. So, control is an illusion. When I stop playing that game, there is less pain, more comfort and greater insight. These important rights of passage last as long as is needed to process, not an instant more or less. Again, breathing and letting go always pay off.

If you are still reading, you either know exactly what I’m talking about or are convinced I am crazy and looking for confirmation. Either way, you’re right! We’re all a bit crazy when we go through huge change. Letting go of our old beliefs is disturbing, in the very least. Allowing ourselves to shift and trust something outside our experience can be scary. Or, if you are a true Gemini, you live for these times. They are some of the greatest adventures I have ever had. They easily equal, if not surpass, class four white water rafting. Growth is intoxicating and gives me reason to stick around and see what’s next.

Back to you, my clients, students, friends, colleagues and family members. Thank you for your patience during my growth. Thank you for your kind words and gentleness while I was with my family during my step-mom’s funeral and life celebration. Thank you for putting up with my coughing and exhaustion with whatever bug is traveling about the US right now. Thank you for your quiet presence during my sudden bursts of tears. Thank you for all that you bring to my life. I am again ready to contribute to yours, more enlightened, peaceful and clearer. Let’s rock.

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Spring Classes

  Saturday Discussion & Meditation  

This is a 90-minute gathering with the first hour in Q&A format. We will look at the subjects you have concerns with or curiosity about. Additionally, we will be discussing Universal Law, shifts in consciousness and other non-personal topics. We will end each session with a healing mediation focused on our discussion.

Space is limited, so please sign up early. If you cannot attend these powerful and significant gatherings, you can purchase the recording for $25.


  • 4th Saturday 3/23/13
  • Topic: Releasing Negative Events
    Negative events can impact every aspect of your life. You will be guided through a meditation to release and transmute an event and then heal yourself from the effects of that event.

  • Times: 8a PT, 9a MT, 10a CT, 11a ET
  • Price: $45, $25 for recording only
  • Phone #: upon payment
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info
Awakening to Your Rich Life
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  Now is the time to wake up to your own wisdom. By consciously knowing your values and the driving forces behind your decisions, you can change your future. You can create the life you truly want to live, and actually came here to live.

Take advantage of this powerful opportunity for change to create the life you want! When you live and operate from authenticity, life becomes easier, more fun and more dynamic. This new outlook and lifestyle changes everything. You can have better health, expanded joy and peace, be more successful in your professional and personal life and have an inspiring impact on your world. What makes this all the more wonderful is that this is a teleclass, meaning you are in your chosen environment, pajamas or at the office (behind closed doors, of course!) It is offered at a convenient time and you only are in class three weeks a month for four months.
  • Starts: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
  • Cost: $168 a month, inc. workbook, CD, and recordings.
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info

Autumn Classes

  Omega Institute  
  The Practical Intuitive
          ~Essential Psychic Tools For Living Well
  • October 04, 2013 – October 06, 2013
  • Location: Rhinebeck, NY
  • Course: SM13-5302-341
  • Tuition: $350 Materials Fee:$10

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No matter where you are on your journey, your life can be easier and more exciting, productive, and fulfilling with the correct energetic tools. In the Practical Intuitive, Kim presents a sampling of psychic healing tools and techniques that can support a life of flow and ease.


For nearly three decades, Pentecost has developed and refined psychic healing modalities to enhance both personal and professional lives. Her teachings are delivered in a relaxed style, yet they can be life-changing.


In an interactive and experiential format, you learn how to:

  • Shift your energy to work and live more effectively and joyfully
  • Advance your spiritual path even when you think you are too busy
  • Compose yourself before important presentations and events
  • Connect more deeply and consciously with your spirit guides
  • Release negativity that may be affecting you consciously or unconsciously
  • This workshop provides a wonderfully informative and enjoyable way to develop your own psychic healing tools so you can return to daily life more confident, grounded, and peaceful.  

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