A Spiritual perspective
on the Boston bombing.…

I had another article ready to send this morning. Then, several of you emailed and asked for Spiritual insight on the bombing at the Boston marathon. I don’t normally comment on any act of violence because I don’t want feed negativity, the perpetrator by putting attention on it. Today, in meditation, Spirit encouraged me to offer a small insight.

The bombing was an act of jealousy. Jealousy is an ugly thing, no matter how small or huge. A terrorist act is an act of jealously - for what we have, of who we are and the joy we experience. How we deal with this is as complex as all the individuals that are intimately or peripherally affected by such acts. Depending on where we stand in relationship to the event, we respond to four basic groups of people, those killed and hurt and their loved ones, the perpetrators, our own history, and the first responders and the investigative teams.

For those murdered and injured, pity is not needed, sympathy is not needed. Those emotions are about you, the sender, not the receiver. Those emotions deplete the strength and healing that is needed. Rather, send understanding and love. Think about the goodness you want for these people and their families. Send thoughts and energies of encouragement, compassion, kindness and the regaining of their health and equilibrium.

Do not offer fear or anger, as those are the energies that fuel the fire of the perpetrator. Even though it is natural to engage these emotions, set the intent that these reactions in you are healed. You want to stand strong and rightful with those in need.

Those that committed this unthinkable act are wounded, angry and jealous. No, I am not endorsing their behavior or suggesting we be-friend them. We have learned, I hope - through the holocaust, 911 and thousands of years of war - that when we meet rage with rage and hatred with fear, we only exacerbate the brutality. There are those whose job it is to bring to justice the perpetrators. Again, our gift and responsibility is to send love, support, respect and trust to those who stand in the warrior role.

Which brings us to us. Any time, there is an act of aggression, we have the opportunity to look into our own hearts and face our history, our fears, our emotions and choose. Choose love. Choose compassion. Choose understanding. Choose healing. Choose to be more aware in your own life. Choose to take care of the people and things that are important to you. Choose to be better, not perfect, but better today and every day.

Recently, I got a note from a client asking me how to experience peace in this world. (This was before the Boston bombing.) My immediate response to her was to walk in knowing. Knowing is beyond faith, beyond trust. Knowing is standing with Spirit, whatever that is to you, and know in your heart of hearts that you are doing the best you can with what you have. In this situation, the best we can do and the most we have is our love. When we share that love, the greatest of things can happen. We will feel the connection with those that need it and know we are supporting them in the best way possible. If there is an action that is ours to take, we will know it and it will happen easily and have great effect. We will maintain our own health and well being which supports us in being more effective in our own lives and communities.

I hope that all of us, whether it be in prayer, meditation, thoughts during the day or any other way, send love and support to everyone involved in the Boston bombing including Spirit. May we not fall victim to the power of the darkness through fear and anger, but stand strong in who we are in our hearts and souls. May we hold our lives and all life with love and compassion.

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