Growth Cycles Part 2:
The Light of Day

It has been way too long since I have written anything except in my journal. The reason for this is that I am still in that huge growth cycle known as Shamanic Death and Rebirth (SD&R). I exploded into the throes of Spiritual Death on January 2, as I wrote in my last ezine, “Growth Cycles”. This last month brought the cycle to a peak, and writing became virtually non-existent. I wanted to write. I tried to write. I had no inspirational juice.

Just this morning, I realized that I am finally and joyfully in the Rebirth! Yeah!

It wasn’t the first time I have been through a SD & R. I share some of my personal experience with you in this writing in the hopes they may be of help to those of you who may have been and/or are going through similar growth cycles.

First, all of my energy has gone to processing this last month. The constant and powerful Universal configurations brought everything in my life into pinpoint focus. That focus gripped me in a rigidly myopic way for what seemed an interminable amount of time.

The grace I received in the last throes of this period was to be blessed with guests for three weeks. It was delightful and healing. Having this particular company was also a part of the SD&R in three important ways:

  1. Company provided a distraction from overthinking and getting stuck in my process.
  2. Having company kept me out of my clients’ process so that each person could be with his and her thoughts, empowerment and healing.
  3. This particular ensemble of guests allowed me to look at love, family and friendship and, of course, what that means to me.

All of these were great gifts and essential in getting me where I am today – to Rebirth.

There was a final step in this process. I got an up close and intimate experience with my Physical Self in wonderfully positive ways. The old pattern was to unconsciously injure myself so that I would have to stop and pay attention. This time the “pay attention” came through two three-hour kayaking trips within three days, followed by intense neuromuscular release work. It was rather synchronistic that I kayaked each time in the dark waters of local swamps, the last one named serendipitously enough, Sparkleberry! It was as if the Universe was laughing with me or applauding my physical labors.

I now have thoroughly completed my Spiritual, Emotional and Physical review. My Mental body was busy observing everything! As you can see, the integrating is far enough along that the writing is returning. Yeah! I missed writing. I missed the joy, the focus, the play with words and the concreteness of fingers to keys.

I have also missed working with all of you. I know that when Spirit gives us a break from each other, it is important. It is a reset. We can now begin again. I am refreshed, grounded and clear. I would like to believe, and it is my true intention, to stay ahead of the growth curve and reach out a hand to help the next in line.

Most of the time that is true for me. This time, I was in as deep as the next person. Though I work as a healer, I am as human as everyone and must go through the same growth cycles, introspection and healing as the rest of the world. This last Grand Cross, and all of the energetic push that came with it, affected us all deeply, profoundly and uncomfortably. And hopefully, with great results.

We are now able to see the light of day. We are at a new level of living and loving. No, Spiritual work is never done. Though, we are past the dark nights of the soul and into the rebuilding of Self. May we all listen to and with our hearts. May we all live in a deeper joy and peace. May we all have greater understanding and compassion. May we all stay focused on the light – the light of day!

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