Turning 60 ~ Embodying Grace

If you've been following my e-zines and blogs, you will know that I have been on quite a journey. We know that life is always a journey. And yet, this particular time for me has been, to say the least, a little puzzling — there was something buried deep in my soul that I couldn't quite get.

The last seven months have led up to my Turning 60, an especially challenging concept for me to grasp. I have never lived this long before in any of my many past lives. I had no memory or resources to draw upon. There was no hint of anything to expect or align with. I asked myself, "But what does this mean, really? What am I to do? What will I feel like?"

At last, I gave up trying to find answers. I decided how I wanted to spend my birthday, let go and got on with the journey.

I went kayaking with three other women, (see my Facebook page for details.) I had a great day. I saw beautiful birds and nature, laughed a lot, learned a new word, and received loving acknowledgements of my birthday. It was truly a joyful day.

Then came Tuesday, jam-packed with vitality, complete with a two hour massage and the possibility of a new home. I came back to this home and felt my way through a possible move. Though it was offered up by Spirit with ease, I decided no.

This home that I have lovingly created over the past few years is where I want to be. It feels like my gypsy days are over — for now, at least.

Now it is Wednesday and I am sitting on my deck at 9:30 pm enjoying a cool breeze and the sound of frogs announcing their presence to the world. They are not shy or coy. They are clear and strong and have a lot to say. They make me laugh. Ms Moon is rocking the sky with her expansive aura glowing brightly. The stars are making their way on stage. The night is warming up for its performance. No wonder my cats love being outside at night. This is heavenly. I am home and at peace with the world.

Through all of the week's affirming experiences, I have still wondered what 60 years old is about. I certainly know the craziness of the 20’s, the rush of the 30's, the drive of the 40's and the balancing act of the 50's, but the 60's — what do they portend? I have decided that this is the Age of Grace.

Some would claim that this is the Age of Wisdom or the Age of Freedom. These are both true and are important to acknowledge. I have and will talk more about those aspects of maturing. Today, it is Grace.

I love this word. It has a balance of the hard (gr) and soft (ace) sounds. The energy of the masculine and feminine are present in this word. One of my grandmother's was named Grace and she was about as graceful as I am! (No surprise!) It is a word and a concept that has a lot of mystery to it. It is often associated with, and used in religion and royalty.

There was a TV show called Saving Grace. Again, about a woman, with that name, who didn't have much grace in the traditional sense, but she embodied grace in her own way. It is a beautiful word that comes on the wings of angels and few are graced with it. (I would apologize for the pun, but I'm not sorry.)

I cannot say that I will live my 60's entirely gracefully. I have a natural tendency to stir things up and cause people to be uncomfortable with the truth. It is my way and that is even written in the stars. Still, I believe that I can embrace this age with grace.

For the sixties, I shall simply say that I hope to live this decade of Grace with acceptance (which is not weakness) and kindness (which is not naiveté.) Grace feels like a comfortable and enjoyable alignment with Earth and Universe.

Grace feels like aplomb with a twinkle in my eye. We shall see—

Thank you all for ushering this new decade in with me. I am blessed and greatful.

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