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The 28 days before everyone’s birthday is a time of individual review, blessings, releasing and transmuting all the attitudes, limitations and beliefs that no longer serve your highest and best. Take that and add it to all the energetic shifts that are going on Universally and planetarily, and you have – well, let’s just call it an emotional roller coater ride that, when you resist and brace against the movement, can and does throw you to the ground. If you were wondering where I have been -- I was at this annual event riding the roller coaster and trying to maintain my balance. Now, the birthday is passed and I am off the roller coaster and, actually, feel quite good. I still don’t have all the lessons figured out. In actuality, we never consciously understand everything. I am glad the experience is over, for this year.

By the way, the 28 days after your birthday is a time of great change, with new ideas, inspirations, goals and magic coming in. It is a lovely place to be!

I wish you all gentleness and sanity before your birthdays and great joy and relief afterwards.

All of this is an introduction to the epiphanies and epiphanettes (small epiphanies commonly referred to as insights) I gained during the ride:
  1. All things that come - go.
  2. Life gets easier when one relaxes and enjoys the ride.
  3. Your love and commitment to your personal work and Spiritual path is powerfully inspiring and helps me keep on my path.
Every May, I begin to think about all the people that have touched my life. I wonder if I have done my best by all of you, how to do even better and what lessons in all of our interactions I unintentionally missed. (A word to the wise, don’t ask about the missing lesson unless you have the time and space to go to the depths of your soul!) After I got through the lesson review, I went back to walking through my memories of the last year and all that we have shared. It was a wild year, beautiful but wild!

The theme of my year review is your commitment to your work and what you reflect in my own process. When something comes your way, you size it up, wrestle with it, work with all the questions and possibilities and then, when it is time, reach out. You blow me away with your understanding, humility, strength, and power. I am always deeply honored to walk with you as you go deeper into understanding and healing. It is clear that you honor our work together, take the pieces you need and use them to move forward on your Path.

One of the major things that keep me clear last month, were these memories. They brought me smiles when I needed them, strength when I had none, comfort when I felt raw, and knowing that roller coaster ride will end. Spirit asked me to sit and be still, not my style. I want to move – Mentally and Spiritually. I want to know before it is time. I want to see before the fog clears. I kept thinking of you and how some of you have taught me to deal with not knowing. I thought of your patience and asked you (in my heart) to share just a little since I had none. You did – thank you. I, too, wrestled and questioned. I paced and meditated. I ate ice cream and worked out.

I finally started enjoying the silence, the not knowing, and even the roller coaster ride. Of course, as soon as I did, the ride was over. Life got easier. I started to feel – normal, though a new normal. I finally got to go back to work. Now, I am starting this journey with all of you anew – refreshed, a little wiser and tremendously more peaceful. I am excited to begin this new year. Thank you. You make riding the roller coaster have meaning.


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