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Where do you stand in relationship to the Circle of Life?

Opportunity for healing is still coming fast and furiously, for you and for me. We continue the journey of facing our deepest, darkest fears. These fears are mostly unconscious. That is what makes them so dangerous and, at the same time, so critical to release. Bringing them to the surface takes the greatest amount of time and is the most challenging part of our growth. Once the limiting beliefs are unearthed, they are relatively easy to transmute.

So, how does this relate to the opening question? Simple – the question is the key. It may take a fair amount of avoidance to be ready to use the key. You know, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, cleaning the cat box or simply staring out the window. When you breathe and give up your resistance, the fear will begin to drop away and you will begin to own the truth. Truth is neither good nor bad. Truth simply is and therefore, is the touchstone from which we evolve.

Many of us, when we finally get to the truth, realize we feel separate from the norm or what we perceive is the Circle of Life. Perhaps, you were the odd child out, or the black sheep, or the geeky, too-smart kid, or too emotional, or of mixed race, or too poor, or grew up with an angry parent - or what ever your personal story is. Your story is an important story. At the time, it gave you strength to survive your adversities. And, with that, got you to where you are today.

However, most of us have out grown our stories. Now, it is time to stop carrying those stories around like some badge of honor. They have become baggage in our souls manifested as weight on our bodies or the fear in our hearts or some other form of saboteur. In other words, those old stories are keeping us from being who and what we incarnated to be – wholly and beautifully.

Also, many of us assumed that, for our own personal reasons, we had to stand outside the Circle of Life. We took on the idea that our rightful place in the world was “not the norm.” We were obligated because of our “oddities” or uniqueness to stand in the shadows. We held space for our families, our friends and others we believed were entitled to the comfort and safety of a normal life.

Our jobs were to make their lives easier somehow. And, we were expected to do well but keep our truths, wishes and dreams to ourselves. We learned we were not to scare them or make them feel inferior in any way. And so, the gifted became the cursed.

And yes, there are those that stand, not on the Circle but in the middle because they believe they deserve to be served. You know them because they are your opposite. Sometimes they are your nemesis or have even become your perpetrators. They are also on a journey to find their way onto the Circle, but that is a separate story for another time.

What I know and what Spirit poignantly reminded me of this week is that we all belong on the Circle. We all have a purpose and a place on this planet and in this world. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. Our job and gift to ourselves now is to 1. Forgive ourselves for standing outside the Circle of Life; and, 2. Take that one step, huge though it may seem, onto our rightful place in this world. I wish for you to know in your heart of hearts that you deserve this. You chose and were chosen for this distinctive journey to bring something necessary and powerful to the consciousness of humanity. You can’t do that standing in the shadows outside the Circle.

It is our uniqueness that the world needs to stay in balance. It is our dreams and wisdom that are intended to be the norm. We are not the oddity. We are a critical part of the whole. We deserve the love, warmth and security this fabulous Mother Earth has to offer. We are to shine without fear or shame or discomfort. We are to rejoice in our gifts and talents.

Dig deep. Look at where you are disconnected from your joy. Forgive yourself. Give away the pain and victimization that you are holding on to. Take that step forward onto the Circle of Life and laugh out loud.

See you on the Circle of Life!
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Below is a short and powerful meditation that you can use as many times a day as is helpful. Once we are aware of the issues, change can come much more easily than we have believed. If you want support for taking this big, beautiful step, you are welcome to join the Saturday Discussion & Meditation on June 22. Information for this group is also below.

Meditation for Self-forgiveness
Ideally, eyes closed, hands over your heart, slow easy breathing:

1. I forgive myself for -- (believing my place is outside the Circle of Life)
2. Spirit I give this to you to be blessed and transmuted.
3. I am complete.
4. I am receiving pure love through and through all that I am.
5. Now I receive -- (opposite of #1 or something that makes your heart happy) (and take my place on the Circle of Life)


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Summer Classes

  Saturday Discussion & Meditation  

This is a 90-minute gathering with the first hour in Q&A format. We will look at the subjects you have concerns with or curiosity about. Additionally, we will be discussing Universal Law, shifts in consciousness and other non-personal topics. We will end each session with a healing mediation focused on our discussion.

Space is limited, so please sign up early. If you cannot attend these powerful and significant gatherings, you can purchase the recording for $25.


  • 4th Saturday 6/22/13
  • Topic: Where do you stand in relationship to the Circle of Life?
    This is the discussion and guided healing meditation for the questions and issues discussed in this ezine. It will be powerful, exciting and, as always with some fun! Take the step in this safe and joyful way.

  • Times: 8a PT, 9a MT, 10a CT, 11a ET
  • Price: $45, $25 for recording only
  • Phone #: upon payment
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info

Autumn Classes

  Heal the Creative Within
          ~ Rejuvenate with Like Hearted Women
  • When: October 19 – 26, 2013
  • Where: Oceanfront, Isle of Palms, just outside Charleston SC
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info

This isn’t a conference. There aren’t speakers. This is a time for creating, rejuvenating, walking on the beach, sharing with like hearted women, getting a massage, enjoying gourmet meals cooked just for you, doing a wee bit of sight seeing for inspiration in enchanting Charleston SC and having quiet time.

Omega Institute
  The Practical Intuitive
          ~Essential Psychic Tools For Living Well
  • October 04, 2013 – October 06, 2013
  • Location: Rhinebeck, NY
  • Course: SM13-5302-341
  • Tuition: $350 Materials Fee:$10

Do you need something to juice up your life? Do you want to have that experience in a beautiful setting with like hearted people? Sign up now at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY.


No matter where you are on your journey, your life can be easier and more exciting, productive, and fulfilling with the correct energetic tools. In the Practical Intuitive, Kim presents a sampling of psychic healing tools and techniques that can support a life of flow and ease.  

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