Growth Cycles

I talk and write a lot about growth cycles in one form or another. They are, after all, how we live out the purpose of our lives. They are a powerful and complex. I work with them everyday - your growth cycles, my growth cycles, Mother Earth, animals, the planets, seasons and nature. They account for our ups and downs, our choices, our changes in course, our changes in behavior and all the other ways we move through life and the Spiritual journey we are on.

What creates, triggers and feeds these growth cycles? On the surface, there are as many reasons as there are growth cycles. At the core, just a few - either we are tired of being where we are, afraid of where we're going or we may have a specific goal. Although it is better to be motivated by goals, we are most profoundly motivated to change through the primary and overwhelming feelings of fear and boredom.

We can all feel stuck from time to time. It is part of growth. By the time we realize that we are stuck, we are actually moving out of that experience of standing still or being boring (as I have heard many times.) In reality, the feeling of stuckedness signals the completion much deeper work and the readiness to move forward.

Before we become aware of a stillness in our lives, there is usually a time that looks and feels like extreme tiredness and/or depression. That is the time of our soul work, a time when we are doing deep inner work. The drive is to be antisocial. We watch TV and read books and don't leave the house much. It is not until we are ready to bring the soul work into consciousness in the mental, emotional and physical planes, that we can then truly recognize and acknowledge the stuckedness. That usually causes us to take action or change in some way. We grab on to something to motivate us so that we may move into the next level of being.

There is almost always one, last important step in the growth cycle. That step is affectionately referred to as "resistance." It can manifest as a tantrum or inappropriate behavior - such as eating or drinking too much, yelling at someone for no apparent reason, or simply being angry for, again, no apparent reason. This is the last "holding on" before the breakthrough. It is often an extremely unpleasant and ugly phase. This process can be as difficult for colleagues and loved ones as it is for us. Every one is confused by our behavior. We may experience guilt because of our acting out. In order to cope, we then temporarily slow down the breakthrough while we figure things out.

Depending upon the individual, we may have a greater or lesser tendency to cycle through these complex phases several times before we are actually able to let go and shift. It also may depend on the issue and/or how long we have lived in the belief, behavior and pattern.

It could be something we have experienced in one lifetime or in many. It also depends on the origin of the belief, behavior and pattern. Survival patterns, for example, may take longer to break through to complete the growth cycle. We are survivalists by nature or there would be no human race. And, given that, when we take on or adopt a behavior we believe will keep us safe and alive - well, let's simply acknowledge that those are the toughest to let go of even when they no longer serve.

There are a lot of healing modalities that can help us move through growth cycles more easily and gracefully. If you’re reading this, you already know some. Use them. Don't hesitate. Don't think that you should handle this on your own. There is plenty of work in a growth cycle that you must do solo. Being tough is not self-loving and does not serve you. Being conscious does serve you and those you love and/or work with. We are much better people and more fun to be around when we take care of ourselves.

We are always growing. We are always changing. When we understand the process and how to handle it, it becomes easier. Perhaps, not in the moment, but in the bigger picture. When we know and honor our need to be alone and quiet, we can be with humanity in greater comfort. We're also happier at a core level, and more pleasant to be around when we do our personal work with self-love and self-respect.

In this time of growth, wherever you may be in your present cycle, remember always to be kind to yourself. Growth with consciousness is love and offers great freedom.

We're all on the journey together. Let's keep our senses of humor and love in tact.

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Kim Pentecost in Colorado
for Spiritual Summer Treats!


Wyms Spiritual Retreat at Vedauwoo, Medicine Bow WY

Date: Thursday, August 7
Cost: $86 (includes park entrance fee)
Register: and for details

Times: 9 am: For car pooling meet in FC at the north end of King Soopers at North College & Willox
10 to 4: Our adventure and healing time at Vedauwoo (bring lunch, water and journal)
5 pm: Dinner at Jeffrey's in Laramie (separate cost)
7 pm or earlier: arrive back in FC

If you have or haven't been on this retreat before, this is a perfect place and time to connect with Mother Earth in this beautiful, sacred setting. We will go on an easy hike, meditate over the water on huge boulders, allow Spirit to inspire us, share food and laughter, and chant with the eagles. Come and get rejuvenated! (Complete list of items that will allow this to be more fun with registration.)

Tune-up WorkshopWyms Intuitive Tune-up Workshop

Date: Saturday, August 9
Cost: $86 (materials and snacks included)
Register: Terrie Baney: 970.330.1108 or
Times: 9 am - 4pm (bring lunch & water)
Location: 1966 West 15th Street, Suite 4, Loveland

This workshop is open to everyone. Energy work evolves, just as we do. This is an opportunity to increase your skills, tools and understanding. You will do many healing meditations that include new techniques, share some powerful healing chants and generally come away feeling stronger, more enlivened and happier.

Kim PentecostPrivate Intuitive Reading & Healing Sessions with Kim

: August 5, 6, 8 &11
: 1:30, 2:30, 4 & 5 pm
Cost: $156/hour (no recording)
: Office of Dr. Mary Whalen, 420 Howes Street, Suite A106, Fort Collins

Kim first uses her clairvoyant abilities to carefully look at the specific issues you bring to the session. As appropriate, she will identify the perceptions, events, past lives, fears and relationships that, woven together, have affected your life experience. In the healing, Kim identifies blocks and helps you energetically transmute and release these negative patterns. She brings healing vibrations to your physical and emotional bodies that help you re-frame your life experiences and develop positive images, healthy thoughts and rewarding life behaviors.


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