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There has been a lot of trauma across the globe these last few weeks. We engage, feel a tremendous amount of sympathy and then, must pull back when the pain gets to be too much. It is normal. Even doing my own Spiritual work, I knew I was pushing past my edge of well being this last week. It was a good time to take a break, sleep, laugh with friends and reflect. A good friend and a master biker (and we are talking motorcycles here) invited me out for a ride.

I knew that invitation was the perfect prescription for bringing me back into balance. We had coffee, chatted about where we might want to go -- and hit the road. Every activity has its blessings and challenges. Motorcycle riding is no exception. All bikers acknowledge each other, whether they are Harley's, Honda's or Ducati's -- one up, two up, crotch rocket or trike -- helmet or no helmet -- flip flops, jeans or colors. On the road, we are a family. There are no politics -- only appreciation of the ride, the riders and the road. In that, there is a great kindness and comfort.

Also, people look at your differently. Old men wave, no matter race or gender of the riders. (I often wonder if they are remembering…) Children wave, much like they do with truckers. Men give you a thumbs-up and women smile. I smiled, gave the customary sign and turned my face back into the wind. My heart was warmed. Later, I noticed I kept humming some unrecognizable tune.

We traveled miles of blacktop that tunneled through ancient trees dripping with Spanish moss. The magnificent shade offered coolness at the sweet edge of cold. I drank in acres of marsh pungent with pluff mud at low tide. Egrets, heron and plovers greeted me with their beauty. I psychically thanked each and every one for the joy they bring to my life.

We pulled in at a gas station close to Edisto Beach. We shared a Snickers and a bottle of water on Southern porch rockers as we greeted each person coming and going. Bags of melting ice left a cool trail by our feet. My backside began to thaw and my feet began to tingle less. It was time to mount the bike and ride to the beach.

Colors were richer than when we started our tour. The smells were more distinct and true. I recognized hot brakes mixed with BBQ and some unfamiliar flower, sweet and mild. My friend parked the bike under a tree and we headed for the beach.

Of course, we were the only people there fully dressed. Heads turned and children looked at us quizzically. Knowing people smiled and lifted a hand in recognition.

We walked. We walked to get the circulation going full tilt. (I am not as young as I used to be!) We walked to connect to Mother Water and Mother Earth at this sacred juncture. As we walked looking for those special shells and talking with the fishermen, the clouds picked up speed so we turned and made for the trees at the edge of the dunes. We easily beat the downpour. Yes, the wind would dry us out, but until then, tight, soggy clothes would make me cranky. I was glad for a natural umbrella. People in bathing suites were running from the rain to join us under the trees. We looked at each other and giggled at the irony.

Our circulation back on track it was time for food. We lunched on the traditional seafood basket, everything deep-fried. Conversation ceased as clouds and rain passed overhead, making ominous gray designs on the deep blue water. After some unknown, but synchronized time, we both took that breath that says it is time to leave. We checked the clouds one more time, dried off the bike seats and headed home.

As the bike was shifted into high gear, so did my mind. My head was filled with more thoughts than I could categorize. Where does that road go? I will have to see if the birdhouse guy has a FB page. I want to remember to call a friend and wish her happy birthday…

My mind finally settled, desperately wanting to hold on to the oneness of the ride. It was so incredibly beautiful. I was free. It didn’t matter that my neck was flaming red or my left knee was swollen from that special twist of getting on the bike. (I used to do that so easily and naturally.) I felt like a little kid on the way back from a weekend at the lake. "I don't want to go home. I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow." I wanted the freedom to last -- the smells to stay strong and clear, the colors to be bright and, shall I say it -- awesome.

I want to keep this view of the world -- simple, beautiful and perfect in its imperfection. I need it to keep me balanced. My eyes, my ears, my nose, my body and my heart must remember.
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