Getting the Most From
Your Readings & Healings

Some of you have asked how to prepare for a private or business reading and healing. This is the most important thing you could ask. Since I have been doing this for so long, I sometimes forget what it was like to be new to this healing modality. There are some important considerations so that you will get the best from your session and receive the most effect healing.

  1. It is important that you have time for the work. Yes, we attempt to cram as much as possible into our days. However, this is sacred work and can be very deep even, and perhaps especially, when you don’t expect it. In order to honor what you are ready to heal on all levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, arrange a time when you are not rushed, do not need to be waiting for another phone call, and your partners, children and/or animals won’t need your attention. Honor your time so that you can relax into the session.

  2. Every person has a different response to the work. Particularly until you know how you respond to energetic healing, allow yourself some time after the session for integration, reflection, perhaps a meal, and even a nap.

  3. You have the option of having your session recorded at no extra expense so that you can review the information. ,In listening to the session again, you will receive a deeper healing.

  4. Please do not have your session while you are driving a car. You are not honoring yourself, the work or Spirit when you are distracted. You are also not getting the best healing. If it is an emergency session, it would best to pull over so that you can be safe, focused and as relaxed as possible.

  5. This brings us to food and water. Ideally, your stomach won’t be empty. An aspect of the session is that you are moving a lot of healing energy through your body. It is important for your body to have the proper fuel to process everything you’re working on. This also goes for water. If you are dehydrated it is difficult to focus and to receive healing. I don’t mind if you quietly eat while we work. I certainly have had to take a few bites while working so that my energy and focus is the highest and best for you. Attempt to always have water with you during a session and remember to drink it!

  6. Our work together is sacred work. Even though it may feel relaxing to have a cocktail, beer or glass of wine while we work, it makes my job much harder. I have to keep clearing the alcohol out of your energy field to see the truths that you hold.

  7. By the same token, if you are on medications, it is important that you let me know so that I am not neutralizing something that is important to your health. This is especially true when you are asking me about your physical and/or emotional and mental concerns.

  8. Some people like to make a “shopping list” of their questions for our session. This can be a great help. However, I don’t need it in advance, as I want to see your information in present time.

  9. Please be prompt for your session. Call right at the top of the hour or half hour at the time scheduled, especially when we are on the recording line. This allows for everyone to get their time and have uninterrupted healing.

  10. As with most healing professionals, I ask for 24 hours notice for cancellations and changes. I do understand emergencies and there is usually a waiting list for sessions. I need a reasonable amount of time to get someone into your appointment. On my web site, I have a cancellation policy which states that you will be charged for a full hour ($180) for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance. This, of course, is at my discretion.

  11. Your session is generally in three parts: a) You sharing your issues, concerns and insights about what you are dealing with. b) A discussion between us about the issues and concerns so that you have all the information you need to understand and make the best choices for you. c) The healing, which is offered to you by Spirit and myself. I will talk through this so you have full understanding, and then explain the energetic changes that are occurring to support your highest and best. You may be offered some “homework” to better enhance your healing.

I hope this helps you understand more deeply the love, respect and responsibilities you have in your healing as well as what will help me give you the highest and best in love and light.




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  Saturday Discussion & Meditation  

This is a 90-minute gathering with the first hour in Q&A format. We will look at the subjects you have concerns with or curiosity about. Additionally, we will be discussing Universal Law, shifts in consciousness and other non-personal topics. We will end each session with a healing mediation focused on our discussion.

Space is limited, so please sign up early. If you cannot attend these powerful and significant gatherings, you can purchase the recording for $25.

  • 4th Saturday 8/24/13
  • Topic: Utilizing Your Emotional Toolbox
    We are not offered emotional training and therefore, are often frighten of our emotions. Sometimes we overuse them as in rage or underuse as in being too meek. This is a great time and opportunity to make friends with all of your emotions and bring them into balance.

    The monster we will be bringing out of the closet and healing is fear. A lot of our fear is not our creation, it is energy we have taken in from other people. When we realize and understand that we don't have to sit in it or work it, but release and choose a different reality, our lives are more fun and more successful.

    Come meet and play with your friend and protector – anger. This is a safe and protected emotional environment to learn and heal.

  • Times: 8a PT, 9a MT, 10a CT, 11a ET
  • Price: $45, $25 for recording only
  • Phone #: upon payment
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info
Autumn Classes

Heal the Creative Within
          ~ Rejuvenate with Like Hearted Women

Only One Space Left!

  • When: October 19 – 26, 2013
  • Where: Oceanfront, Isle of Palms, just outside Charleston SC
  • email or call Kim 843.606.2025 to register
  • See website for more info

This isn’t a conference. There aren’t speakers. This is a time for creating, rejuvenating, walking on the beach, sharing with like hearted women, getting a massage, enjoying gourmet meals cooked just for you, doing a wee bit of sight seeing for inspiration in enchanting Charleston SC and having quiet time.

  Omega Institute  
  The Practical Intuitive
          ~Essential Psychic Tools For Living Well
  • October 04, 2013 – October 06, 2013
  • Location: Rhinebeck, NY
  • Course: SM13-5302-341
  • Tuition: $350 Materials Fee:$10

Do you need something to juice up your life? Do you want to have that experience in a beautiful setting with like hearted people? Sign up now at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY.


No matter where you are on your journey, your life can be easier and more exciting, productive, and fulfilling with the correct energetic tools. In the Practical Intuitive, Kim presents a sampling of psychic healing tools and techniques that can support a life of flow and ease.


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