A New Light…on Gratitude

Many of you are working on abundance and havingness. This typical at this time of year, the season of giving. At the same time, astrological configurations are bringing up our deepest fears and old patterns. This highlights the push-pull between the budget and gifting. Old family issues of generosity as a form of love or obligation also come to the forefront.

It’s a lot to balance and can be very overwhelming, both consciously and unconsciously.

I offer you a simple exercise for experiencing gratitude to help shine a new light on you and your life and to hopefully relieve some of the season’s stress.


As I was staring at the beautiful golden gingko tree outside my office window, Spirit nudged me to take a deep and honest look at each deposit and expenditure in my accounts and to be greatful. (filled with the sense of greatness because of or for)

Hmmm…an interesting exercise and it certainly wouldn’t hurt. So, I took a look at all my accounts; checking, savings, credit card, investments, etc. I looked at every line and was greatful and happy that I could buy each item and deposit each amount. I thought about the purchases and what they meant and what they added to my life. As I did, my sense of well being grew.

As I looked at every deposit, I thought about each client and the way in which we come together and the work that we do. I thought about the changes and growth for both you and me. Again, I was filled with joy and gratitude.

I was surprised that what I had seen as a potential chore had become a time of gladness and peaceful reflection.

The patterns of spending also emerged. With the move to my new home this year, of course there have been a lot of house expenditures. In reviewing each one, I saw the decking and could feel its texture and newness beneath bare feet this last summer. I saw the dehumidifier for the basement and took joy in reaping its benefits. I also saw the purchase for ice cream at my corner store after a particularly challenging day. Hmm… And I saw the present that made my friend and I laugh.

Savings accounts are easy to review. We love to see the money grow. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and success — a deep satisfaction. And when we withdraw money from those accounts for a new porch or a trip or something important, we feel stronger and enjoy those things more. And we look forward to replenishing that “cache of gold.”

Investments are a little trickier, but as I pondered the ups and downs, I was reminded that I do trust in myself and Spirit. I was encouraged to listen more closely to my intuition when it comes to making changes. I noticed some tension leaving my shoulders and I began to smile and node my head in agreement with this reminder.

Often, the scariest thing to look at is credit cards. That is where most of our unconscious spending happens, a latte here, a little something there, a spontaneous treat for so many reasons. Going through line item by line item, brought the greatest awareness for me. At first, it was uncomfortable looking at the details of my spending. I wanted to distract, but I kept breathing, looking, being greatful for the resources to buy each and every item, and I kept going.

Finally, it brought a smile to my face! Not a grimace, but a smile of recognition of my life and the love I experience in the world. I was greatful for being able to spend that money. I was greatful for this life I live.

This exercise became a life review that brought me teaching moments, empowerment, stronger consciousness, and a greater awareness that I live in love. That carried me through the day and the week with a lighter step, more comfort in my life and a better attitude.

This review also brought an influx of business for which I am truly greatful.

Through this short and simple exercise, my relationship with the demands of my work changed. I felt and continue to feel more peaceful and present with my work and clients. I am not as tired at the end of the day. All this is an unexpected and truly lovely gift.

In essence, this exercise is a way of shining light on my life and clearing my heart. A way of allowing abundance and havingness.

Many of you have asked for help to clear the energy between you and a tough boss or a difficult situation at work. Directly working on those issues in a session is important. It is equally important, if not more so, to do this work behind the scenes on your own. This straight forward exercise effectively brings about a change of heart that can immediately affect how you experience the outer world. The greater the internal peace, the less other people’s behavior affects us.

My one-off experiment has turned into a weekly event. Without effort, my unconscious spending has changed. Without effort, I am more engaged in my life. Without thinking, I smile when I tap my debit card. My heart is filled with joy when I pay the bills instead of being grumpy.

Without any effort, I have become deeply greatful for all the resources I have including my sweet little home that is my sanctuary. There is a different light on my money, all my resources, my work and my life.


Perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself in this season of giving is to sit down and look at your life. Review what you have been able to add to your home, the dinners out, the gifts that you have given friends and family, the vacation you have taken, the food you eat and all the other ways you spend your money. Also, look at your deposits and investments as little boxes of gold. Feel the satisfaction and gratitude. Renew your trust in yourself and Spirit.

It will shine a new light on you and your life.

Joyful season to you and yours.