About Kim

Kim Pentecost - Wisdom DanceThe only way to understand the tremendous range of skills and knowledge Kim Pentecost brings to bear for your personal and professional growth and healing is to work with her.Her compassionate wisdom speaks right to the heart of complex issues. With her combined down to earth approach, she weaves insight, new understanding, growth and healing with empowerment and practical techniques to help you align with your own unique purpose. You will integrate new ways of thinking and acting into your personal and professional life so you can live the life you came to live. Kim’s background and training are as multi-faceted as the broad range of people and businesses with whom she works locally, nationally and globally.
Her expansive experience over the last 30 years has prompted her to work based on the knowledge that spirituality is not about religion or a specific doctrine. Spirituality is about your living your own personal philosophy to the fullest and contributing the best expression of you. This means that you are using your innate intuitive abilities to bring about greater creativity and a solid sense of well-being in all aspects of your life. Simply put, Kim is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, business coach, author, strategist, radio and TV personality, and a lively, engaging keynote speaker. She is devoted to healing, education and empowerment of individuals, businesses and organizations so they can become more creative, productive, successful and ultimately, happier.

Kim graduated from the clairvoyant seminary of the Church of Natural Grace in San Francisco in 1987. She has been a columnist for several publications, and presents at conferences worldwide on empowerment and spirituality. She has been interviewed on TV and radio throughout the United States and has consulted for TV and movies. She has produced and recorded a guided meditation CD entitled In-Body Meditation ~ Foundational Meditations for Everyday Life and has published two books for those on their Spiritual path.

Call Kim at 843.304.2544 or email Kim@WisdomDance.com for scheduling and information.

What is a Mystery School?


Traditionally, Mystery Schools have been secret institutions where people spent a lifetime seeking to unveil and understand truth; truth of heart, truth of purpose, truths of the Universe. Now we understand that the seeking is really remembering the truth of your heart and soul and that everyone is entitled to this enlightenment. You choose how much you remember and how far you will go in your growth. You will initiate yourself into each level of awareness and transformation. This is a tremendously exciting time to partake of the benefits of a Mystery School. Now we understand that the power is within and the school is the safe container for exploring and expanding.

I have been teaching the tools through which you expand your Spiritual awareness and develop your intuitive abilities for more than 28 years. And, now that technology supports a virtual school, we can share information and techniques easily, quickly and with people throughout the world. Thus, this Mystery School was born.


The WisdomDance Mystery School involves two parallel, simultaneously experienced avenues of learning and growth. One is building your own Spiritual foundation and strength based on discovering and clarifying your personal philosophy. The other is developing, utilizing and expanding your intuitive abilities. They are twins born of the same soul wisdom. Explored in tandem, they sustain and reinforce each other while enhancing your life and your experience in the here and now.

Through WisdomDance you can experience a variety of unique and safe courses, workshops and retreats. All experiences are designed so that you more fully understand the expanse and power of your Spiritual and Psychic facilities and can chose and practice what best nourishes you.

Call Kim at 843.304.2544 or email Kim@WisdomDance.com for scheduling and information