• A Cartoon for Everyone Doing Their Best to Be the Best They Can Be
    By Ryan M. Weisgerber

    Six years ago, a guy in Portland, Oregon started on a journey to create a cartoon about a little bear. Not just some random bear who was playing in a field somewhere, but a sweet little bear who had some excellent ideas to share about living a fulfilling, meaningful life. That lovely little mammal is Snufflebear, and his very first cartoon is called, unsurprisingly, “Snufflebear’s Guide to Life.” It’s sweet, funny, and silly, and I hope you love it as much as I do. 



  • Blindsided: Essays from the Only Black Woman in the Room
    By Dawn Downey

    Dawn brings us an honest account of what it feels like to be a black woman in a white community. Blindsided prompts us to consider how we find our authentic selves in the heart of our discomfort. “… provocative, subtle, and captivating – often within the same breath.”


  • Breathe In – Breathe Out: Awakening

    Dave Karpowicz, poet, blogger and author has just released his first collection of poetry in a beautiful and inviting journal format.

    Ninety meditations are paired with 90 lined pages. Using the meditation as a prompt, readers can reflect, examine questions, explore ideas, record thoughts, and note for future use. If desired, the journal can act as a legacy, sharing the real you with loved ones. Over time, the entries will show growth and change. The hope is that someday you will look back on your collection and say, “Wow – It is a beautiful life, after all.”
    Happy journaling!
    Here is the Amazon link.  If you are inclined to leave a review, it would be appreciated.

  • Squealer

    In his latest novel SQUEALER, Midwestern author Christopher Calcara combines elements of his religious and cultural heritage to take readers on a provocative wayfinding to reconcile a painful chapter in his protagonist’s past. 

    Calcara’s memorable characters, vibrant settings, and delicate balance of humor and tension accompany young Luca, an impressionable Catholic Italian choirboy, as he grows into his own person and sexuality, and ultimately into a mob-worthy assassin in order to avenge his high school nemeses…thirty years later.

    SQUEALER addresses topics of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse inflicted on students by their teachers and clerical authorities. With wit and suspense, it deals with the difficult and powerful subjects of homophobia, prejudice and bullying.
    Website link: http://chrisjcalcara.wixsite.com/website

  • The French Queen’s Curse in Queen Margot’s Gardens 

    Juliette Lauber, novelist and international entertainment lawyer is an award-winning author of the time-travel, historical romance and mystical thriller trilogy, The Kikki Trieste Trilogy. Her latest book set in Paris in 1572 and 2015.

    Juliette’s novels featuring her alter ego, Kikki Trieste, draw upon her passions when Kikki is called upon to save precious artifacts representing the Mother Goddess from powerful enemies seeking to destroy the world’s oldest treasures —the Minoan Snake Goddess, The Wall Paintings of Ancient Thera, and a Bronze Age God’s Head.
    Visit Juliette’s website

  • Beautiful & Fun Art by Lynette Pradiga

    Fine artist Lynette Pradiga lives on the Island of Maui. She uses acrylic & oil paint, Krylon, handmade paper, vintage snippets, hidden messages, irony, sensual awareness & good will when creating her works. She hopes these many layers will have you lingering and looking for more. See her art and her line of pillows, coasters, gift cards & shower curtains at her website: www.lynettepradiga.com

  • Hotel Atlantis

    A lush and lusty celestial thriller! Past life lovers become modern day champions when the boutique Hotel Atlantis opens its doors on the eve of a fated eclipse. Kikki, our heroine, hotel owner and High Priestess has less than three days to right the historic wrongs and bring peace to her beloved Santorini along with her sexy Spanish lover, Pepe Torres, a special operative with Interpol. You will enjoy this intelligent and fun summer read.  Purchase Here