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    Is it time for a little more understanding about what is going on in your life? Want help cleaning things up energetically? See how you can benefit from a personal session or business coaching with Kim.

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    If you like to receive new insights, tools and inspiration via your inbox, Kim’s monthly eZine contains words of wisdom as well as the latest in resources and classes. The archive gives you a chance to go deeper and discover more.

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    A favorite for anyone on your gift list – birthday, anniversary, lifestyle change, business/career change, baby coming, health issue, holiday or just because. You may share anything from a half hour session to a class or a retreat!

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    Many of you have asked for copies of Saturday Discussion & Meditation, radio interviews and talks on amazing happenings in the Universe. All this is on the way! Please email Kim directly if you have a specific request.

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    Your scholarship contribution can make the difference for a person taking the first steps or expanding his or her Spiritual Path. Thank you for your donation of love, encouragement and empowerment.

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  • CD: In-Body Meditation
    ~ Foundational Meditations for Every Day Life
    This CD shares a method of guided meditation that is used by individuals just like you around the world. These meditations can help you be more creative, more grounded, live more abundantly and feel safer in the world.$19 incl. postage and handling.

    Also available in MP3 downloadable format.

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