I #@&^% Love Science

This blog title comes from one of my favorite Facebook pages. It’s so true, and I love the fact that it graphically expresses how I feel about the science.

Science and my perspective collide in the most astonishing ways. As a lifelong intuitive, I don’t need scientific explanations of events. Most of the time, I am working beyond the provable, except through the changes we feel and see, sometimes in the most subtle of ways.

So, when my polar opposite – science – and I – meet in the middle, and do-si-do, I am thrilled.

Recently, while working with one of my healers, we had a fascinating conversation about the experience of light becoming brighter. Dr. Todd, as he is affectionately known, explained it from a scientific point of view. Simple. Clean. Logical. Cool!

In very basic terms, when we are exhausted or under extreme stress, be it fight or flight, pain or long term work stress, the parts of our brain that control the five senses and creativity, shut down to give energy to surviving and taking care of only what is necessary.

When we come out of the exhaustion and stress, have relaxed, are registering safety and are more peaceful, our brain shifts into its full mode of energy or operation. Our perceptions through the five senses change accordingly. We are then again able to experience light as brighter, sound louder and start thinking creatively again.

Simply put, it is the experience of our brains fully “turning on.” This happens for me every morning through meditation. That is one of the reasons I am addicted to meditation and this subject intrigued me.

Intuitively, I had understood this truth and accepted it without need for further proof. After talking with Dr. Todd, I also had the scientific explanation. I love knowing both parts of the equation and understanding more fully why our perception of the world changes through the five senses. A perfect do-si-do!

There have been other times when what I assumed to be unexplainable scientifically speaking was in fact explained. My favorite happened during a class I was teaching. I invited a colleague to guest teach because she holds a much more scientific approach to healing and also studies the marriage of metaphysics and physics called quantum physics. She explained the workings of intuition in the body and mind in very understandable terms. I can’t repeat it, but I got it. And, it made me happy.

The truth is that historically, in earlier millennia, the world of science included metaphysics. They were not at odds with each other. On a soul level, I remember that time. So, when in this lifetime, the two come together seamlessly in loving and respectful ways, it lights a joyful bonfire in my heart.

It is clear why so many endeavor to understand the connections. Part of the journey is to mend the fabric of physics and begin to reunite the scientific and energetic communities through research and healing work.

I am greatful to all who hold this sacred. I am honored to understand, celebrate, share and benefit from their passion. I feel more a part of the world knowing that what I know and do weaves into the larger fabric of healing this world.

So once again…“I #@&^% Love Science.” And I love being intuitive.

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