Left Over Love

Last Friday was Saint Valentine’s Day though in our culture of shortcuts, we dropped the Saint sometime ago. Poor guy. He brought the focus of love into our lives and we forget about him because it is too much to say. I hope kind and loving teachers are still mentioning him in grade schools. Saint Valentine’s Day is one of my two favorite holidays. The other being Thanksgiving, but that story is for later in the year.

It was also a full moon in Leo. This particular full moon had potent aspects that helped us bring up and release buried anger. What a combo! That could lead to some “kiss and make up.” Mercury is also retrograde, which opens up communication, though it can exacerbate miscommunication. (I have proof.) What a wild Friday it was! The energy was high and, honestly, somewhat exhausting.

You may be asking at this time if this is just me complaining or if there is a point. I do have a point – somewhere – I think – keep reading…

Saturday, I felt like I had a love hangover, not just from being barraged by the commercialism of the holiday, but from too much of everything mentioned above. If I held my eyes just right, I was sure I was seeing bits and pieces of cards, candy, flowers, the moon and Mercury laying all over my house like bottles and plastic cups after a party. My head hurt. My body ached. Oh yeah, that was from the massage I had on Friday…well, partially. My cats were spooked at every movement and breeze.

The house felt like there were hung over ghosts sleeping it off on the staircase and in the guest bathroom – I didn’t dare open any closets… I didn’t want to get out of my jammies or do anything responsible. I watched the NCIS marathon interlaced with episodes of “Too Cute” (for the cats, of course) and HGTV accompanied by a glass of red wine and popcorn for dinner. (It seemed gourmet and trés chic at the time.)

Today the sky is blue, the kitties are outside playing in the fresh morning air and the ducks are landing on the pond for their morning coffee klatch. Life is back to normal…ish. I don’t feel quite so hung over. I was happy (not angry) on Friday and Saturday. In fact, I’m still happy. I’m sleeping well. So what happened? Let’s examine…

You know how they say, “Love is in the air?” Perhaps pieces of the love holiday came in through the cat door and got spread around by the furnace blower. Or maybe, the kitties brought some home on their coats. It could have snuck in from my neighbors and their dogs through the open doors and windows. Why else would I have left over love in my house? It could have been hidden in the mail or the newspaper. Yes, that must have been it! The celebration came in riding on advertisements and commercials. All of the of love had a wild bash while I was out on Saint Valentine’s Day and left the unused love for me to clean up! They could have waited. I like parties.

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