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I just realized that it has been five months since I posted something in my blog. I’m in shock! Could it really have been that long? I didn’t mean to neglect my blog. I will feel guilty as soon as I have time. In thinking over the last five months, a lot has taken place. I’m still not completely unpacked from the move. There were several trips during those months and visits from friends and family. We have had a football season, which I could also feel guilty about enjoying. Oh, and those holidays. Wow! Then there is the stray cat that grabbed my heart and is working his way into our home. I did discuss this with the other kitties and they have very mixed opinions. There have been deadlines and opportunities and…so much!

You know, one thing is very clear to me – life just took over.

Hmmm…I have missed writing and sharing insights. Maybe I should take a time management class. No, that would just be one more thing to add to my list.

My only New Year’s resolution — get back to writing my blog. No more neglect.

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