• wrestling with angels book

  • Wrestling With the Angel by River King
    This magnificent love story brings a powerful and joyful new view to the journey of dying. Nick and Amanda are lovers working to retain their individual identities and consciousness through her life’s end. You will walk with them wondering about the significance of illness and finding meaning in what seems so harsh and cruel. You will be touched by her commitment to be awake while she moves towards her death, by Nick’s promise to support her, and by the transformation for those who live on.  Amazon.com

  • All Women Desire To Know cover

  • All (Wo)men Desire To Know 
    by Johanna Baldwin
    This is an emotional and spiritual journey of love and loss that takes a woman to the mysterious world of the Ancient Greek Philosophers. Inspired by Dr. Raymond Moody’s course, Wisdom Lovers, Johanna’s courageous heroine can’t move on after the death of the love of her life. She’s plagued by one burning question: Will I ever see him again?
    You may purchase this unique and uplifting novel through Amazon.com
  • christmasbells

  • Christmas Bells ~ Another tale of Southern romance by Linda Joyce
    Linda Joyce has penned five award-winning stories that could only happen in the South. The bayou is magical and mysterious, and when it heats up passions ignite. Her characters’ lives are every bit a mix of conflict, drama, love and laughter—just like a good gumbo. Two of her delicious books are launching in December 2016. Check all of them out on her Amazon Author Page.

  • artofadventure

  • The Art of Adventure
    The Art of Adventure happens when prepared curiosity takes inspired action. Karen Fritz uses personal stories from her motorcycle adventures as a metaphor to integrate ancient wisdom into empowered every day living. This book is an activation to get you in motion, awake and aligned with who you truly are. Get lost. Find yourself again in the sheer LIFE within the messiness and imperfection. Gooey and raw and painful and sweet. Purchase through ArtOfAdventureBook.com or amazon.com.

  • Stumbling-cover_FINAL

  • Stumbling Toward the Buddha
    Stumbling Toward the Buddha ~ Stories about Tripping over My Principles on the Road to Transformation

    A seeker examines her foibles and accidentally makes peace with politicians, Precious Moments, family violence, and the emptiness of life. In her exploration of the personal, Dawn Downey exposes the universal — much like Anne Lamott and Nora Ephron. Purchase here 

  • Hotel Atlantis
    A lush and lusty celestial thriller! Past life lovers become modern day champions when the boutique Hotel Atlantis opens its doors on the eve of a fated eclipse. Kikki, our heroine, hotel owner and High Priestess has less than three days to right the historic wrongs and bring peace to her beloved Santorini along with her sexy Spanish lover, Pepe Torres, a special operative with Interpol. You will enjoy this intelligent and fun summer read.  Purchase Here