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WisdomDance and I support giving, sharing and healing around the globe. Listed here are some that I work with directly and that have been sponsored on the eZine in “Friends of WisdomDance.” If you want to support these organizations, please contact them directly. Thank you for your love and giving.

  • Donna Ciaciarella

  • Donna Ciaciarella
    In 2007, Donna Ciaciarella came across a group of hungry and sick feral street kitties while visiting a inner city street here in Charleston. She rescued them and continues to go back every day to help the cats in this section of town. However, it requires time, patience and money as all kitties need to see a vet and be fed on a daily basis. Some are re-homed. Some, after vetting, are lovingly cared for in their environment for the rest of their lives.

  • Dragonfly

  • Fundraiser for My Street Cats
    Donna Ciaciarella, a wonderful artist and caregiver to 5 colonies of feral kitties in Charleston SC needs to raise funds to keep feeding and caring for these cats. She has put several of her paintings on sale. 100% of the profits go directly to cat care. Please take a look at her paintings for purchase on You can also make a donation there to help keep this important service running.

    My girl cat, Lalita, came from her rescue and she has helped me when I took in Sam, a cat that had been dumped in my neighborhood. Thank you for your help with this worthy cause.