I am definitely moving through life with more grace and ease. Writing the life award was absolutely phenomenal for me. It helped me to see myself clearer and with joy…..huge! Thank you for that and for the entire class.

~ MM, New York

Thank you for your wisdom. I am whole because of it.

~ LR, California

Kim, knowing you and learning from you has made such a difference in my life that it is hard to imagine my life before. I am experiencing much less pain, drama, trauma and self doubt. I am using tools that I learned from you on a daily basis and am now living in a smooth, abundant flow of grace and ease.

~ AM, Colorado

I love the messages and light that you share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you are doing; it’s wonderfully healing.

~ CB, Utah

I absolutely loved what you wrote. I am going to share it with my daughter.She is passionate about peace and non-violence and is studying religion because she thinks its our next step to understanding each other in the world and having peace. She will appreciate what you wrote as much as I do. Thanks for always sharing your heart so honestly and eloquently in your newsletters.

~ LP, Colorado

What you do is very powerful!!! I have done other clearings over the years and your work with me was, by far, the most powerful and effective.

~ JK, Wyoming

I know you have a powerful purpose and gifts the world needs. The world is better because of your presence.

~ Tom LaRotonda, Author, Coach, Speaker

You have brought such a positive energy to my life. I appreciate you sharing your abilities with me. I cannot thank you enough for all things I have learned about myself through you. I look forward to working with you more.

~ JH, Virginia

This lady gently and patiently guided my mother’s energy to the light, with such kindness, dedication, wisdom and skill.

~ LL, United Kingdom

You entered my life when I was less than my best, and as I recover my health and regain my footing, I can more clearly see the act of providence that orchestrated our meeting. In short, you have loved and supported me at a time when I did not or knew not how to love and support myself. You are a funky, fun-loving, joyous spirit and the innate radiance of the sun, that is, your Being shines forth as a beacon of light, hope and gusto to guide and shepherd the way for those on The Path.

~ RB, Australia

I just read your monthly thought-provoking essay on life and I found it to be very inspiring. I had never thought of my body quite in those terms. As always, I will carry your message with me mentally as I move through my days. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful bit of wisdom

~ BD, California

Your words are always so beautiful and so timely. Thank you, as always. Good news that you are going to do meditation again. We are ready for your wisdom and guidance.

~ JL, France

“Sometimes in my otherwise great life, I hit a snag and my unusual inventory of tools just don’t work. Kim’s insights give me the understanding I need to see why the situation looks as it does and how I can create the change I want. With new clarity, I can navigate from here!”

~ NBM, Washington

Kim’s down to earth approach is refreshing. She is an amazing woman with a wonderful gift. Just talk with her and see how quickly you’ll feel at ease. Use her services and she how much easier life will become and how much better you’ll feel about you!

~ Rob Lowell, Business Coach, United Kingdom

Kim has helped open doors to Spirit I never knew existed. In particular, the meditations on her CD have been especially helpful in calming and clearing my mind for work and play.

~ Mike Preston, Software Engineer, Colorado

Thank you for your retreat. It was a great day and helped me put my life into perspective. It was a healing experience to be with so many generations of powerful and inspirational women. I realized I have so much to look forward to in the up coming years.

~ Heather Beran, Distributions Mgr, Colorado

Being in class has helped me know my purpose. I found the courage to acknowledge my feelings and to believe in and trust my Spirit Guides. I learned to meditate with ease and I find the daily practice makes me stronger.

~ Nancy Biska, Journalist, New York

The CD is just like having Kim in class -supporting you through your meditation and healing.”

~ CB, Colorado