Intuitive Coaching, Readings & Healings

Kim provides both Coaching, which comes from your inner truth and wisdom, and Readings & Healings, which come from the wisdom of the Universe. Sometimes these processes are very separate and sometimes they intertwine, depending on what you are wanting to discover, heal and create. Below are areas of your life that may benefit from this work. You are always welcome to contact Kim and discuss your specific needs in deciding the next steps on your path.

For Your Business

Intuitive Coaching For Your BusinessIf it is time for you and your business grow and run more effectively, this tool of practical insight and change may be right. You, your employees and your consultants can benefit from this ancient technique applied in a modern way. Kim’s intuitive coaching reveals the heart of key issues. She uncovers the core of unresolved problems within teams and processes as well as identifies ways that energy is being wasted.

This process brings energetic order to your business model, building momentum and returning commitment and enthusiasm. Her process constructively supports actions that will take your company easily and powerfully into the future.

Here is a partial list of ways your company can benefit from this type of clairvoyant healing work:

Employees – bring clarity and enthusiasm to your staff
You – increase the passion and satisfaction in your professional and personal life
Expansion – ground and grow your business based on your values
Hiring – focus on supporting the health and evolution of your business, as well as skill and experience

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For Your Self

Intuitive Coaching For Your Personal LifeThis is a one-on-one, two-part, usually hour long session. Kim’s belief and practice is to work with you, not tell you, to support your understanding and healing as you know yourself better than anyone else ever can.

In the first part – the reading – Kim first uses her clairvoyant abilities to look at your present growth cycle, how you are using your own intuitive abilities and how you are supported Spiritually. Next, she carefully looks at the specific issues you bring to the session. As appropriate, she will identify the perceptions, events, expectations, fears and relationships that, woven together, have affected your life experience.

In the second part – the healing – Kim identifies blocks and helps you energetically transmute and release these negative patterns. She brings healing vibrations to your physical and emotional bodies that help you re-frame your life experiences and develop positive images, healthy thoughts and rewarding life behaviors.

In most cases, your sessions can be recorded for you and sent to you as a link. You can download your session onto your computer or listen for up to one year on the link.

Follow-up Sessions

This core level work is directed at defined issues and is followed by targeted healing. Kim works with you on the lessons and Karma that have brought these experiences into your life, what you are to gain from them, and how to begin to heal and release them at energetic and conscious levels.

Here is a partial list of areas that can benefit from this type of clairvoyant healing work:

Times of change – all significant personal and professional shifts
Relationships – partnerships, children, parents, work relationships
Health – chronic, acute, injury, female, male, diet, allergy
Energy and Chakra Balancing – often useful when there has been trauma or long-term illness
Guide Linking – journey work with your personal Spirit guides
Career – personality differences, hiring, promotion, preparation for significant events, finding your path

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For Your Family

Intuitive Coaching For Your FamilyIn today’s world, there are more pressures and responsibilities in family life than ever before. With these bright, amazing children being born, it is good to know there is help in understanding their unique approach to the world. At the same time, you can get help and healing for parents that are in need of your special attention.
Pregnancy – conception, delivery, post pregnancy, the baby and family
Death – preparing for the death of a loved one or questions regarding those who have passed
Children’s Readings & Healing – working directly with the child as well as with the parent(s) on a variety of issues such as bed wetting, shyness, nightmares
Newborn Readings – using numerology and Clairvoyance to look at the life course for a child along with his or her challenges and gifts
Guide Linking – journey work with your personal Spirit guides
Career – personality differences, hiring, promotion, preparation for significant events, finding your path

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For Your Animals, Home, Land & Office

Intuitive Coaching For Your AnimalsSometimes people experience restlessness, headaches, irritability, tiredness, lack of humor and even physical illness because a building and/or land is out of balance. Buildings and land absorb energy just as we do. This can be supportive and even healing when the energies are positive such as love, appreciation, kindness, respect and the other vibrations that enhance our well-being.

Buildings and land also can hold energy that is detrimental to humans and animals such as anger, grief, fear and others. The causes of this stuck energy are as varied as the situations and can include ghosting, the opening of energetic lines in the Earth, hexes from past events and negative energy moving on the wind. Energetic clearing is used quite effectively to bring environments to a supportive, healthy and consistent vibration.

Pets & animals – Pets are a deeply significant part of our lives. They face challenges and have personality quirks just as we do. Animals also can take on issues and suffering for their human counterparts as an act of love. They often have allergies and/or reactions to medication, which can be helped with energetic healing. Behavioral problems are often the result of emotional issues or a desire to communicate an important message. Through telepathy and clairvoyance, their issues and requests for help can be identified and responded to quickly and appropriately.

Home & land – Can give a fresh start to a family by clearing residual energy from landlords and/or former owners or residents.

Sale and purchase – Sometimes people show interest in a place and then seem to forget about the property, a sale is dragging or there hasn’t been enough interest. Kim can employ the Laws of Attraction to help create a timely win-win.

Unusual occurrences – There can be places where things won’t grow, animals are skittish or where people feel uncomfortable on land or in a building. After a clearing, Feng Shui is particularly powerful in preventing further anomalies.

New construction – Work with construction and management companies, home owners, real estate brokers and/or lenders to prepare land for development. This can include blessing trees, making sure the Spirits of the land are in agreement for the development, accessing the presence of archaeological artifacts and clearing Spiritual contracts for construction and financing.

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