I have been blessed with intuitive foresight to plan my week so that I would have a lot of quiet in the mornings with the filling and emptying of the moon and with the early sunset. The quiet has been a gift. This is the dark of the year, a time when we naturally and rightfully turn inward. I didn’t want to talk, just sit quietly by the fire. Sometimes I would read. Most times I listened to my heart and my head. I watched the feelings and thoughts bubble up. Some were leaving, simply needing acknowledgement of their existence before bidding me adieu. Others were wanting attention and to meet other ideas and emotions, ready to form a collective that will manifest into something beautiful and useful. And some still lost, wanting to be on their own journey through my heart and head. It has been a magical week. I am not yet ready for Solstice though I am much closer than I was this time last year.

Astrologers tell us that this is the most powerful Solstice we have had in a long time. There are astrological configurations that, when aligned with, can help us manifest an overwhelmingly powerful and successful year. Sign me up! Though, from my inner drive for silence and pondering my future, I think I must have signed up before birth.

A lot of people my age are considering retirement right now. I thought about it. It made me nervous. I am looking at what to do next; what can I engage in that will further healing, enlightenment and joy on Earth.  Where will my particular talents be most effective? It is clear to me that I am far from finished with my service on this planet. I am on this side of 50 and do realize that time is less so it is important that I listen deeply and choose wisely.

To support this truth, I will light a fire tonight, sit in meditation to acknowledge, bless and release the old feelings and thoughts that do not belong in my future. At the break of dawn, I will walk where Mother Water and Mother Earth meet. I will feel of the beauty and power of the Mothers and be greatful for their communion and gifts. And, at the moment of Solstice (12:15 pm EST), I will light a candle and share the little I know of my future with Spirit and be open to receiving all that will come with as much grace, joy and gratitude as I will have in each moment of my life.

And, we will begin again.

Blessings for a joyful, abundant, loving and healthy year.

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