Thank You

Thank you. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being on your path of enlightenment. Thank you for loving yourself. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for what you bring to the world. Thank you for being.

There are so many thank yous in my heart for you. Every day I am honored and privileged to work with each of you in assisting you on your path. I have always said that I receive as much from you as I hope you do from me. My heart is always full, even if my mind and body may be tired. You are all truly a great gift to me.

You may be wondering why I am expressing my deep gratitude for all you, client, student, colleague, provider, friend, neighbor and family. After the chaos of the last few years, my life has finally settled enough so that I have more time to be present with my life and myself. And what I see and feel now are you.

I remember important moments in session or conversation when an insight came to either or both of us, the energy shifts that you felt when you let go of the old and allowed in the new, the shared laughter and the trusting tears. I am so thankful that you trust me with your lives, deepest secrets and greatest dreams. These are sacred, and I hold them with love and protection.

I also know that there are times when I make you angry and kick your energetic butt. This is only and always to crack open a place where you are stuck and have struggled to break free. It takes a tremendous amount of trust for this exchange to happen. Thank you for the trust that is needed for this healing.

When we are working or simply in conversation, we are often so focused that I don’t always see the bigger picture until later in the evening, the next day or the next week. And when I do, I am always grateful.

I have such heart felt gratitude in those times when I am shown our past life connections and how our present life interactions change all lives for the better.

I give great thanks to Spirit and the Universe. My life, intuition and work truly come from them. It is only by their grace that I receive the intuition or insights to address and understand the complex and delicate work we do with clarity and truth. I don’t fully understand why I was chosen and why I chose this path. And I am greatful to be on this journey. It has allowed me to meet the most amazing people and live a life of daily discovery and learning.

Thank you for trusting Spirit and the Universe to bring you truth, understanding, healing and love through me.

Thank you to all of you who help me serve this world better. Your gifts and talents make me a better person. You take care of those important details of my life so that I can focus with strength and grace. I am grateful for our partnerships in co-creating.

Thank you to my friends. You have held my hand, brought me laughter when I most needed it and listened to my wild Gemini heart without judgment.

Thank you to my family, both birth and chosen. We have been each other’s teachers and support.

I feel and receive the love you all offer me and am overwhelmed by its power to heal me and keep me motivated, to create and serve. Know that I will be present with you until I leave this body and beyond. Know that every day in meditation I send you all heart felt gratitude, healing and support.

I want to thank you in particular for listening to your hearts and learning to trust your inner wisdom and Spirit. Sometimes this is the most challenging aspect of this journey. Our hopes, fears, history and obligations can get in the way of hearing our truth for our highest and best, in love and only love.

Know that the journey of enlightenment — the path of understanding, embracing, knowing and living love — takes courage and perseverance. It is a practice like yoga, singing or staying fit. It is ignited by a single spark of self love and grows with time and tenacity. We are not perfect in this quest or we would have moved on from this life and this planet. So, thank you for staying the course through the ups and downs, challenges and celebrations, and separation from love and the bliss of being connected.

Thank you for focusing on the beauty and goodness in the world. Thank you for facing your fears and then blessing and releasing them to be turned into more love and healing for our world.

I send thanks to those who have passed through my life for a short while or just a single moment in time. We may have smiled at each other on the street, shook hands at a meeting, worked together, taught each other tough lessons or cleaned up karma through our interaction. You too are an important part of my growth and journey.

We are all teachers to one another. Allow me to also say thank you to you to whom I have given away my power through intimidation and betrayal. Although I may not like you, I love you for what I have learned through you.

I am grateful that I have learned to love myself more and more with each step. Thus, I am able to live from my heart and stand in my power as a person. I thank myself for having the courage to be complete through the lessons of self love in the absence of external love.

This day, this week, this month, this year and this lifetime, I thank you for being your deepest and wisest self each and every moment of your life — in times of great synchronicity and times of overwhelming chaos.

All moments are perfect for your learning and growth. Embrace them all. Love them all. Learn from them all. And, please love you.

Know that you are loved, both by me and Spirit each and every day. And know that I am so very thankful that you are in my life.