Are You Someone Special?

Of course you are!

We are all special. It is absolutely essential to our sense of self and well being that we discover and cherish that which makes us each distinctive. It may be ever present in your heart and mind. If it is not, look for it. You may find it buried in what you love to do. You may see it reflected to you in the compliment of a stranger. You may discover your passion and uniqueness through some unexpected event.

When I was young, I didn’t see myself as special in any way. I was actually told that I was weird and had better act “normal.” During those early years, most of us are trying to fit in so I had double duty in doing my best to figure out what “normal” was and then to fit in. It was confusing and frustrating. I couldn’t experience the world the way others did and I didn’t know that. How could I? I couldn’t live outside my experience and my family couldn’t live outside theirs.

Slowly, I came to understand. And then I came to love that thing that makes me special – and yes, weird to many. I love standing in an absolutely still place – seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing someone’s truth – and then supporting each one as she or he connects with the truth of her or his heart. For me, there is brilliance of light and peace when I am working. There is also a deep and profound love and appreciation for the person(s) with whom I am working.

As a fairly high-level telepath, I hear a lot of noise emanating from each person’s space. I hear the trauma. I hear the voices arguing and wanting to be heard. For the client, often the turbulence, pain, confusion and/or resistance are covering up the sense of peace and the confidence that comes with knowing.

At the beginning and end of the day, quiet is my healing. It is vital for me to I start each day with two to three hours of quiet; meditating, walking, reading and writing. In that way, I am the able to be present with the noise of life. I end the day with a little distraction such as a TV or a book and more quiet. This allows me time to process and release all that has happened during the day.

Would I like to be different? Sometimes. But this is who I am and how I am. It allows me to do the thing that I love to do most.

A writer friend and I had a discussion about the inspiration and energy of writing that is ever present even in the most difficult or tedious times. For a musician, there is an aspect of the music that keeps one going even when practice gets tiring. It is the same for accounting, parenting, competing – actually everything in life.

Do not be afraid to know who you are. Embrace who you are and the passions you hold in your heart. Having this knowing and relationship with our piece of the puzzle allows us to not lose ourselves, especially in the difficult times.

I have a friend that collects a unique kind of toy. I had to get my head around this because, yes – I had some judgment until I saw the light in his eyes. That light is love and appreciation for history and all that this collectable represents. It is actually quite beautiful and fascinating. Through his research and collecting, he has acquired a depth of knowledge and an understanding of humanity from a distinct angle that is brilliant, loving and quite humorous.

When I began my journey, it was not cool to be a psychic. I had a lot of odd and honestly, scary experiences. I was called names and rejected from many communities and organizations. I wouldn’t change nor could I. This is who I am, what makes me special and fills my heart. This is my piece of the puzzle.

What is that thing you will never let go of? Is it your love of nature or your understanding of electricity or your ability to be totally present with someone? Do you have something in you that makes you smile, no matter what?

There is something in you that makes you special. It is important for you to find it, OWN it, love your gift and love yourself for this being a part of you. Friends, family or society may find it quirky or strange. No matter. This is yours alone – your unique gift. It is one of the things that makes you special.

I hope you find your piece of the puzzle and treasure it. It is the light that gives brilliance to all that you are.


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