Negative chatter in the brain?

We all seem to have some – a little or a lot. A long time ago, I realized that the noise we hear is not from us. We are responsible for what is in our space. In this case, responsible for releasing and transmuting all the negative messages we hear.

The explanation:

We pick up energy from people all day long. We use this information to make choices. Ask this person or that person the price of melons? Make a kind remark to that man who looks sad? Fix something special for dinner for the kids? Turn left and take a different road? Talk to this group of people at this party or that group? We are reading people and situations (groups of people) all the time. After we take in this energy and use it, what do we do with that information when we are done? Where does it go?

Ideally, it would immediately be released out of our bodies, auras, mental bodies and emotional bodies. It would then be transmuted into healing energy and used where it is needed. However, we are mostly energetic pack rats. We hold on to those pieces of energy and they float around in our space. Then, when we have the next matching thought or concern, those miscellaneous pieces of other people’s energy attaches (Law of Attraction) and we hear that as negative chatter.

Yes, we are always releasing a portion of that used energy, but now we can release much more of it very quickly. On our evolutionary path, this seems to be the perfect time to clean as much as of that unnecessary chaos out of our selves as possible. There are a lot of ways to do this and I’m sure you will see workshops and classes popping up to help you with this process. Of course, I am teaching on this coming Saturday 9/15, by phone to make it as convenient as possible. (Please go to workshops for the details or simply email me.)

And, you have the basic tools: breathing and setting intention. When you notice that unwanted chatter, you can simply stop, take a breath, turn it over to Spirit (intention) and breathe it out. These two basic life tools can take care of a lot of things. Right now, you may be stopping many times during the day to “let go.” That’s great. The more, the better. We are being supported in releasing as much other people’s energy that we carry around as possible.

If you want to learn more advanced and specific tools that will make this process more efficient and easier, I’ll see you on Saturday.

Enjoy being lighter, freer and better able to listen to your heart’s truth!

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