Walking In Two Worlds

This is a wee bit of mind expanding writing as a diversion from the norm. I hope you enjoy it.


I often find myself between two worlds. They are not any specific two realities. Well, I should say that one remains the same, the third dimensional world my children refer to as the pizza reality. The other world varies. Sometimes it is past, sometimes it is future, but most times it is parallel. That is why sci-fi is not difficult to write. It is simply the channeling of those “other worlds” that exist simultaneously to ours.

According to a particular philosophy, there is no imagination. Anything we might think we imagine or make up exists in some reality somewhere. That makes sense to me because of my work. It is not that I don’t think we are smart enough to have imagination. Quite the opposite. I believe that our intuitive abilities are greater than we know. We actually see and travel to those other planets and universes during our night hours. We write about them because we know them.

I have seen planets birthed out of gases and die in fiery explosion or cold implosion. I have seen souls rush from planets. I have fought in wars more horrible than ever we experience on this Earth. I have awakened with burns on my legs and scars on my body. I have helped societies of people begin programs of compassion, not as study but as evolution. I stand in more than one world.

It is the getting fully home that is the tricky part. Becoming fully present to arguments over possessions and fear of love seems impossible. Listening to queries of a wounded mind after standing in the face of the losses of universes is more than this heart can hold…Yet, I do. I regard our world with calm and a smile. There can be no other way.

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