I am at an interesting place in life – a crossroads – a huge phase of cleanup. Spirit spoke to me of this in meditation and my current astrological chart confirms this. I am not quite half way through this two-year cycle. I was told that it is time to clean house on every level. Of course, I nodded my head and thought, “OK. Boring, but OK.”

I thought that I knew what that would entail – roughly. However, it seems I was ignoring and wanted to ignore the critical details of what it meant to really “clean house.” On the journey of enlightenment, we are told that we must perform our service to the world from a place of love. We are also told that we must first love ourselves in order for our service to have true value. I agree with both of these aspects of Universal Law.

Which brings me to the crossroad that I am standing in today. Today, I must choose right over easy. What does that mean and how does that manifest for me? My purpose is to help people understand and embrace their power. In order to “clean house” I have to “fire” certain clients. It hurts me to do so, and, honestly, I don’t want to. I love the people I work with. It would be easier to go along as we have, but I am uncomfortable and out of integrity so right becomes easier.

One of the principal Universal Laws is of choice. We all live in choice. Each moment we are choosing our experience. It is exciting and empowering when we are able to realize this truth and live it. I model this in my work as well as live it to the best of my ability. I offer insights and wisdom from Spirit. I hold space and time for individuals to come to this realization. It is my intention not to push or rush anyone. We each have our own timing and I have great respect for that.

Yet, when it becomes clear that the client and I are no longer in alignment. When there is no resonance between us, then, I must choose to respectfully say goodbye and discontinue our work together.

We are all teachers for one another. When we move out of alignment with each other, we move on or take a break. I am sure you have had that experience in your friendships and personal relationships. We have it in business when we change banks, jobs, nannies or repairpersons. It is the way we are able to continue to grow in this lifetime. In our culture, we also move a lot, change neighborhoods, cities and even countries. These are positive experiences because they promote our growth.

Growth is change. Enlightenment comes through change. Today, it is time for me to support growth in particular clients by owning my responsibility, being adult, and choosing the difficult task of separating.- even if I don’t want to or it makes me sad. However, I know and trust Spirit to guide us in this parting and know that we will be better for it.

Each client will then be free to find the next right person to bring new energy and insight to their growth. And, in turn, there will be energetic space for new clients with whom I am in alignment and who can better benefit from what I presently have to offer.

I will always care about and have love for these people in my heart. It is uncomfortable cleaning our Spiritual houses. And, yet it is a critical part of growth.

When you are standing in the crossroads, may you have the understanding, strength and love to choose right over easy.

Note: Yes, I am hearing Robert Johnson’s song in my head.

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