The Chain that Binds

There are so very many kinds of chains that bind us – shame, guilt, love, sorrow, fear. The chain that is often the most daunting and inescapable is obligation. This may seem obvious, but it is not. These promises on steroids can be insidious and lurk in murky and obscure ways.

Promises and commitments are appropriate when they serve the highest and best in love and only love for both parties. Obligations tip over the edge into that place of “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” Then they tie or bind us to doing things that are not good for us and, therefore, in the end, are not really good for the receiver. When we do things that we really don’t want to do, we do them with an attitude. That grimace on our faces is usually freckled with victim, regret and anger. It is not pretty. And, it is not healthy.

Recently, I was cranky for no apparent reason. It had been going on for several days. And, as much as I worked with all the tools of healing, the bitchiness kept rising carried on the shoulders of sadness. The more I sought to understand my plight, the faster I fell into the hole of darkness.

I have learned that often the best way to deal with this kind of difficult process is to distract. And so distract I did. I found the most dramatic movie I could handle – one with tons of twists and turns and adrenaline rushes. I got totally absorbed into the movie and therefore, completely out of my self and my issues.

Voila! A shift happened. When the movie was over, I felt a lot better. Clarity surfaced. I understood my dilemma. I had been holding onto a promise that wasn’t right for me. It concerned a project that had been my vision. I had sold it as a great idea that would empower women in large numbers and also financially benefit the organizers and facilitators.

So, how could I step out of the program? What would that say to those women who had joined the mission based on my word and enthusiasm? How would I look to others?

Wow! Those thoughts are laden with false projections and beliefs. I felt obligated to whom and for what? A good idea is a good idea. We can have brilliant inspirations and share them to the world without having to hold on to them. Great concepts and money are in the Universal flow of creation. There are always more where those came from.

I had bound myself through obligation and ego. (Now, those are the deadliest of siblings!) Once I had clarity, I could make a choice based on the highest and best for myself and therefore, for everyone.

After a good night’s sleep, I doubled checked my decision. Yes, obligation and ego were forgiven and gone. Clarity was still holding. Relief and evening jubilation were in the air. The appropriate actions were taken. And, guess what?

I received, in kind, the appropriate responses. I am always heartened and healed by the workings of the Law of Attraction – when we hold ourselves in love without judgment, we get back love without judgment. This unconditional love also came back to me with support and gratitude because I was taking care of myself!

That was a greater gift than I even imagined! I am again happy and at peace. The right person will step up and the program will be completed, as it was and is intended. We will all be doing what is best for our selves and the world.

May we all have this experience – again and again and again. Releasing those chains takes time and repetitive acts of self-love. This is the journey we are on and it can be a magical one!

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