Words of Healing

Some words simply make us happy when we see them, say them and hear them. Our response is immediate and automatic, even when we’re not happy or paying attention. Names can be the same. For some of us, Red Skelton evokes smiles, which lead to memories, which can lead to outright laughter. The same is true for Robin Williams. Also, both men offer poignancy with their humor, just like life. Ah, but back to regular words…

I was leafing through my journal this morning to get to the next blank page waiting to be filled with words written in purple ink. Journal words include observations on life, observations of me, an occasional epiphany, but not much humor. This morning, however, as I was hurriedly perusing previous pages, words were highlighting themselves. I began to smile, then giggle and then laugh out loud.

They were words of joy. In fact – joy was one of them. Also – laughter, silliness, love, friend and kindness. OK, perhaps Spirit had something to do with this. My guides do have senses of humor and I had been feeling pretty grumpy. It always amazes me how gifts of love appear at times like this.

The words that jumped off the pages held vibrations of love. The fact that they pulled my attention in such a way that I realized I had been putting out the “Don’t talk to me, I’m tired” vibe was interesting. And, that I could be pulled out of my pre-coffee mood was exceptionally therapeutic.

So, here I am. Coffee in hand. Writing. Laughing. Aware that healing and love comes in some strange packages. I offer to you to pay attention to words today. What do you notice? Where is your focus? Are you focusing on words of fear, words of anger or words of love, humor and joy? Let you eyes, mind and heart be drawn to the words that will heal you. You may even laugh out loud!

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