Will I Remember?

The days have been so crazy busy lately that this morning, when there was quiet, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I stood and listened. No lawn mowers. No air conditioners. No rushing. Peace – beautiful, delicious peace. I momentarily struggled to match the quiet around me. Then I remembered, took a deep breath and fell into the quiet and peace. It was mine because I allowed the inside to match and then merge with the outside.

It didn’t last long. There were chores to be done, kitties to feed, phone calls to answer and a day to begin. Yet, those moments will carry me through my day. I can still feel the quiet in the cells of my skin. My shoulders remain down and relaxed. My feet step with grace and comfort.

I feel blessed and healed and somehow – different. It reminds me of early mornings in the desert when the air is still cool, almost chilly. The body knows consuming, mind numbing heat is coming so embraces the shiver up the spine and the cold nose.

I wonder if I will remember this moment by 4pm. Will I be able to recall this feeling after hours of work, stomach rumbles and dashes out the door? Will my inner wisdom be able to get my attention above the din of my too busy mind and multi-tasking body? I hope so. I wish so. I intend so.

And, just in case, there is a turquoise sticky note on the edge of my computer screen.

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